Tropers / Vellup

One of these is me.
As you may have guessed, you can call me Vellup.

Vellups are small, purple(ish) creatures that live across the sky. We don't have legs, so we must fly all the time. Vellups are well-known for traveling in swarms of which there are hundreds of us. Thousands. Maybe billions. And I am part of one of those swarms.

About Me:

I don't really edit TV Tropes that often, though I have offered the occasional thought or headscratcher. As far as the forums are concerned, I mostly lurk around On-Topic Conversations, though I'll post from time to time in some of the Media sections. I've also launched one trope, Percussive Pickpocket.

Anyway, that's about it. I figure there's no need to go overboard with an internet impression.