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Faceless stranger
Ai rose to he feet, smiling nervously, and made her way to a seat.
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Macinatrix Insana
Sadako got up from her second fall of the day, dusted herself off yet again, and went to sit next to Ai
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Faceless stranger
Ai smiled playfully, and pulled the chair out for Sadako.

She then pulled out another chair on her other side, and glance at Hikari.
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Like a BOSS
Nurse Mino shook her head to Faulkner, saying, "Don't worry about that, I'll go ask the office to send a subsitute. You just stay here with the young lady and ensure she doesn't move too quickly."

With that Asuka excused herself from the infirmary and proceeded to go not to the office but to the teachers' office area. Obviously she knew better than to just ask for substitute teacher. There might not even be one available. Maybe she could get some subject material to teach if she scrounged the office enough..
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Hikari simply tried to avoid meeting the other girl's gaze.
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"You, girls who came in late: I want you to sing next. Alone, duet, altogether... I don't really care, pick a song and go with it," Natsumi said, tapping her foot against the desk impatiently as she waited for the latecomers to follow her instructions. If they refused, she'd pick a song for them and she highly doubted that anyone wanted to be singing a song in Latin.
Nekomi finally woke up, blinking a few times and gazing at the ceiling. Too perfect to be her apartment's and too soft, so... the school infirmary? Why was she in here? The last thing she remembered was that name, that completely impossible name...
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Hikari stood up, shuffled forward self-consciously, and took the list, praying that whatever she decided to run through, she didn't freeze completely.

Eventually, she picked a track, cleared her throat quietly as the intro ran, and started to sing, her voice barely rising above its characteristic muffled whisper. She might have dropped a few notes or words, but it was impossible to tell.

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"Yup. That tasted purple."
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"If you're going to sing one of her songs, do it properly," Natsumi said, scowling and taking the microphone off of Hikari less than a minute into the song. She just appeared to be droning on meaninglessly... which was, in her mind, completely unforgivable. At least she'd had the sense to pick one of the slower-paced songs...

And then she started singing. For all her flaws as a teacher and person, Natsumi had a good singing voice.

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"I-I'm sorry..." Hikari stumbled back, more broken than normal. In her own mind, the only way this could have been any worse would be if the teacher had started bawling at her like a drill sergeant. The judgmental looks she thought she was getting from the rest of the class didn't help matters.

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"Yup. That tasted purple."
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The Maid
Sincerely, even if you are going to do it badly, at least let your voice be heard... tought Yurika of the latest effort by her classmate. Then, however, the teacher's turn to sing came and she found herself leaning forward... her teacher was beyond simply good. Indeed, she could make a living by singing in Yurika's opinion.
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A Forbidden Rendezvous
Hikaru looked with concern at Hikari, who appeared to be once again on the verge of tears. She gave the other girl a small smile.
Faceless stranger
Ai gave Hikari a small smile too, though this was acompanied by a gentle kiss on the cheek. She suspected this one was succeptible to flattery... And besides, kind of cute. And Ai had been in her position, or at least the rough equivalent of it, more than once... Though she didn't dare risk letting herself ffeel empathy, she at least understood why Hikari was the way she was...

"You do have a really pretty singing voice... And it's really not fair of her to pick on you like that..."

With that, she rose to her feet, staring at the teacher.

"I believe it's my turn next?"

The demoness smiled.

"Give me the microphone... And pick on someone your own size, will you? "

Ichigo just watched, feeling sorry for Hikari but not wanting to get involved. Her last encounter with this woman had been a huge faux pas, and she didn't want to escalate it into full-blown enmity.

"Thank you, Nurse Mino..."

Faulkner smiled down at Nekomi as her eyes opened, though it was clear she'd been crying, just a little...

"It was very difficult to transport you here," she said, forcing a smile.
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"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
Momoko and Aiko pretty much spent their time... watching and not doing anything else. In Momoko's case, attempting to seem like she wasn't there, and Aiko's case just watching with no ulterior motives.

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"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
Faceless stranger
Ai extended her arm and index finger towards the music teacher, as if in defiance, a single long, crimson-painted nail nearly close enough to leave a scratch.

"Well? Do you want to bully Kari-chan some more, bitch, or can we get on with the fucking class?"

Ai had no problem whatsoever tempting fate. After all, nothing this woman could do to her could be worse than Hell, and she'd grown up there. This should be a cakewalk. Right?
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The knife held to Ai's throat spoke differently. Though the silver on the blade was probably not something on Natsumi's mind when drawing it, instead just being a pretty little addition, it was the sort of thing that demons and their ilk tended to dislike. Picking a fight with the ghostly teacher in leather? That was something that ranked highly on the scale of 'stupid ways to start your schooling career'.

"If someone, despite having a microphone, is singing quieter than the accompanying music, then there is no point in letting them continue. As for my singing, that is to stop anyone from thinking that mumbling along in time is acceptable. Now, sit the fuck back down and be quiet," Natsumi said coldly, pressing the knife in just a little, not enough to draw blood but enough to make it impossible to ignore the blade's presence.

Seriously, getting within arms' reach of the knife fighter?
"I'm sorry for any trouble I have caused," Nekomi said, shuffling into an upright position and attempting to bow despite being seated, attention momentarily diverted from trying to work out the naming conundrum. "How long have I been out?"
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Knightess of Mirrah
Sakura's eyebrow shot upwards. Clearly, this music teacher was crazier than Faulkner, the PE teacher, and the old bore, Ukiyo-sensei together. Holding a knife to someone's throat because they were rude? Wasn't that pushing it a bit?
"Excuse me, music-sensei," she said, coolly but politely, "isn't that... a little extreme?"
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Hikari, meanwhile, had sat down and buried her face in her arms on the desk. Things had started badly and could only get worse.

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"Yup. That tasted purple."
A Forbidden Rendezvous
There was a sudden motion as Hikaru stood up. Her voice was cold.

"It is disgustingly inappropriate for a teacher to threaten anyone with violence, no matter how irritating they may be. Sensei, you have been borderline bullying Hikari-san whether you realize it or not. Reacting to this being pointed out is not helping your case. Do your students a favor and put the goddamn knife down."

Her hand, out of sight, was very faintly glowing blue as she glared at Natsumi.
Faceless stranger
Ai flinched a little, but did not back down. Did this dead bitch know who she was dealing with? She wasn't just some bargain-basement hell-whore who'd just walked in off the streets. Ai was a fugitivee Contessa of Hell. She hadn't lasted this long by caving in to petty threats.

"Oooh, someone likes to play rough..."

Ai giggled, then ran her finger along the edge of the knife and licked the blood off seductively.

"Such a shiny toy... Just for little me, mm?"

The succubus licked her lips.

"I'd be flattered if I weren't so insulted..." she purred.

Faulkner stroked Nekomi's head gently.

"Nearly an hour. You have made me very worried..."

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Like a BOSS
Kanako had been content to just sit at the back of the music room not attracting attention for her terrible singing. When nobody so much as shot her a disparaging glance, she felt confused. She'd fully expected someone to offer a biting critique of her song choice or voice. Very much less so had she expected the weird teacher to pull out a knife and brandish it. It was like a lightning strike that suddenly awakened her inner tough girl.

She shot up after grabbing the nearest implement she could find (a drum stick), then jabbed that implement in the teacher's direction, "Oi! You ain't got tha right t' brandish a blade at a student, you don't! Maybe she should sing louda, but that don't mean ya have t' point a weapon! How dare ya scare a poor, innocent girl like that! I ain't goin' t' stand for that!"

Then realizing she was holding a very short piece of wood, she mellowed and added, "C-could you put that thing away, sensei? If you don't mind?"
Macinatrix Insana
Sadako stared in shock as the confrontation between her new friend and the music teacher escalated. When the knife came out, she knew she couldn't just sit there. Leaping to her feet, she grabbed Ai by the arm and pulled her back. "Ai, be careful!"
Life is like a game of Mahjong. Sometimes you need to take risks if you want to come out ahead.
Faceless stranger
Ichigo put a hand on Hikaru's under the desks as if to ask her to stop channeling whatever spel she was preparing.

"I don't want her hurting you," she whispered.

"Don't worry," Ai reassured Sadako, I'll be fi-yieee! OOF!"

And, yet again, Ai and Sadako wound up on the floor in a tangled pile of limbs.

"...You just love having me on top of you, then, Sada-chan?"

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As a direct consequence of having been dragged around and being an idiot when a knife was held to her throat, Ai got most of the blood vessels in her throat and her windpipe cut open. By a silvered knife. Yeah, that was going to go well.
Faceless stranger
Ai managed to get those words out to Sadako, but no more... and it was immediately clear why.

She slit her throat. That bitch had actually slit her throat.

It wouldn't be fatal... Not quickly, anyways... but she needed to get somewhere safe. Preferably safe enough to revert to her true form, in which she'd heal more quickly, and could apply some rudimentary medical care to hrself without the interference of a nosy school nurse. It might be close... But she'd probably pull through without having to respawn. She'd need to feed again soon, though... Healing severe injuries took a lot out of her, and had to be done quickly. Otherwise... Well, let's just say she needed her neck more than her wings.

Ripping off her skirt and wrapping it around her neck to slow the bleeding, Ai scrambled to her feet and ran towards the bathroom, leaving a trail of blood as she did.

As an interesting (and potentialy disturbing) side note, some blood had spattered on the blackboard, and somehow formed itself into the vague shape of kanji. The letters were scattered and misshapen, but, if read together, formed the message "I was going to sing for you, bitch!"

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"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
This RP is going to be rebooted entirely, a consensus was reached in the discussion thread. So it's probably for the best that posting here stops.
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
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