Educational Games Don't Suck:

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51 maxwellelvis30th Dec 2013 07:06:28 AM from undisclosed location , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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52 FuzzyBoots30th Dec 2013 08:42:21 PM from Pittsburgh, PA
First "typing game" I remember was Doodlebug (or at least I think that was the name). It was a text-based game where the two bugs (@ signs of course) charged each other while a letter flashed up in the center. You had to hit that key to keep them from crashing, and the earlier you pressed it, the better the "animation" of the jump (I remember that the best one involved flips).

Favorite educational game, hands down, was Robot Odyssey. How many games these days would teach children how to program robots via logic gates? Honorable mention for PRobots which was a Pascal-based robot combat game with surprising depth of strategy available with minimum programming knowledge.
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Total posts: 52
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