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In Many Fighters and brawlers(Even those with PVP Modes like Streets of Rage), there was that "one" character, that ONE SPECIFIC character that always gave you Hell. You have tried many tactics against him/her/it, but to no avail.

For Me, it was Leona from KOF 97, I was using the South Town Trio(Terrance, Andrew, and Jotaro) and have tried many things against her and almost always fail. And when I do take her down, I get Sucker Punched by either Ralf or Clack.

You know someone similar has happened to you on occasion.

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Freakin' T.Hawk.
He'd want you do be doing something awesome right now.
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Most of the hopping giant tank enemies from the Mega Man series.
The Leading Man
Fuckin' Amoeba's man. Most annoying little buggers I've ever fought.
The Skeletons, man, The entire species of SKELETONS!

Also, Hakumen and Jin are really painful to deal with, as with that SNK Boss I-No.

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One I always find pretty hard is Yukari F**KING Yakumo.

Annoying spellcards are annoying.
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Most recently, General Juhziz's Challenge from the Command & Conquer Generals: Shockwave mod.

The guy keeps spamming rocket buggies, motorbike terrorists, TOPOL-M launchers from every direction, and you can't expand since the whole damned map is full of demo traps. Eventually you'll run out of cash and lose. A good friend of mine managed to beat him by using a bunch of cheap scout units as decoys for his suicide units, but even then it was an uphill battle on the easy difficulty!. I'm still having a hard time trying to figure out how to deal with the artillery units, and I'm stuck with the misfortune of having to do it on the hard mode.sad
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I never beat MK Trilogy Shao Kahn. Hell, I could only get to him using Kintaro.

And I can't beat I-No with Dizzy, since she has no instant-kill and I can't avoid Megalomania.
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Demomen and Soldiers. But mostly Soldiers.

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Streets of Rage had the Muay Thai kickboxers, the red Galsias from the first game, the ninja, the blocking kung-fu dudes in the third one, and in remake...just about everyone on Mania.

Tager was this for me in Calamity Trigger for a while due to his inhuman 360s/720s(I recall him once beating me using Bang 8 times straight in Arcade), until I found a way to exploit his AI. Basically just stay at a distance and wait until he uses his down + C, block and punish.
God, Starkiller in his SoulCalibur IV appereance. It once (I was just starting, okay?) took me 28 minutes to beat him with Vader (I can do a near-perfect run against him now, but it took a hella lot of practice),
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