Pants Are Overrated presents: Hobbes And Bacon:

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The webcomic Pants Are Overrated is having a skip forward of Calvin And Hobbes called Hobbes and Bacon. I'm not a Calvin and Hobbes fan, but I thought I might share it with you.
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That's a pretty good pastiche, although it might just be that the nostalgia is practically eating me alive.
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3 AckSed18th May 2011 07:45:37 AM from Pure Imagination
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Aww,just two strips. :-(
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4 TotemicHero18th May 2011 08:02:15 AM from the next level , Relationship Status: Abstaining
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I am a sad panda tiger because they did not try to spin this off.

Which is weird, because I wasn't a panda tiger to begin with.
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Wow, those are great. The first one was especially adorable. Hobbes lives on with a new friend.
Morgan Freeman is God.

I wonder what Watterson would think of this.
Morgan Freeman is God.
Fridge Brilliance: Bacon is named after Francis Bacon.
8 LizardOfAus5th Feb 2012 01:35:33 AM from an Island Kingdom
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Probably gonna get the topic slammed for this, but...

They did it again.
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I thought that Phil Sloan's strip makes a nice prequel to these, if someone wanted to build a headcanon. (For those too lazy to search, first two strips are here and here.)
10 Jimmmyman1029th Sep 2012 08:26:51 PM from polan , Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
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Do you know if the guys who made that comic went on to do anything else?
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Wow, every such page is a CMOH...
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Somebody else decided to continue the webcomic.

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