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[up] Well, she does seem to have the most powerful set of powers, though not the most versatile. The Ace Flying Brick Sky High has those.

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On the other hand, she froze an entire lake and created a large ice fist from the lake...she's probably a glass cannon.
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Yup, that's why I said she has the strongest power- just not versatile.

Glass Cannon indeed- it'd actually make a lot of sense if she was teamed up with either Tiger or Bunny (or Rock Bison), since their powers compliment each other.

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I vote teaming up with Rock Bison. He's in full armor, and he's huge. Rock Bison screams "Tank". He can be her meatshield.
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80 Sijo19th Apr 2011 10:03:38 PM from Puerto Rico
I like the show so far. I was afraid it was going to mock superheroes but, despite all the grief Kotetsu is getting, his idealism has not been shown as pathetic. In fact I expect it to be validated at some point.

3 episodes in and no specific villains? Not that it needs them if it's going to be more of a character piece, but I can't wait to see the team fight against a true menace. (There's a shadowy guy in the opening credits, he might be a supervillain.) And of course there's the old "corporate heroes are always betrayed by their owners" trope, let's see if they use it.

Agnes could be a villain, or a love interest. Or both...

Can't wait to see more of the other heroes, especially Rock Bison. Also, I suspect that Blue Rose is not really happy in her idol role, and might secretly just want to be a pianist.

Oh, and did you know that, of all the heroes, Fire Emblem is the only one *that owns his own company?* May surprise us later as a character...

[up] As far as specific villains go, that "Ouroboros" mark seems pretty ominous, given Barnaby's reaction to it.

The preview to episode 4 hinted that Blue Rose wants to quit the superhero business, so I expect next episode to deal with her dissatisfaction about how it impacts her piano career or indeed ruins the normal life she would like to have. Then Kotetsu could convince her into not quitting by showing her how superheroing can save many lives, or something like that.

wild mass guessGiven Blue Rose is the only superhero in the promotional poster that appears in the trope page, she may have higher importance than the other superheroes - perhaps as Barnaby's love interest?wild mass guess

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[up]I get the same feeling, about ep4 and I hope they either surprise us or pull it off extremely well.

I had always thought her presence on the posters in her Absolute Clevage Stripperiffic costume and nice pose was just to keep the male otaku audience interested...though judging from how little fanart she gets on Pixiv (just slightly more than Dragon Kid - Japan and their awfully suspicious fondness for youth...) its not working particularly well...

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Japan's never really been all that into that sort of character. Remember how much fanart Kirche for Zero's Familiar had? None. Hell, she didn't even get as many hentai doujins as Siesta. the main turn on seems to be the girl's embarrassment or shame. Or the boy's, for something like Kanokon. Either way, it has to be awkward.
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Or Pettanko/Lolis...Louise has the most fanart in boorus last time I checked. Might have to do with being the main character though...or being voiced by Rie, since many of the fanart were crossovers with her other roles.
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[up][up] Which is fucking weird since Kirche is A) awesome and B) based on Catherine the Great.
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Well, the author added her in the first place, and there are certainly other characters like her in other works. Can't be that unpopular.
Now I know why those supers have a sexy tight suit. It for fan service, fanboy and for pe*si. Watchman are have ninety modernity feel but this have 2K today feel, weirdly I feel this type of deconstruction more realistic. World where media in control and superhero must have sponsors. And Oh the Irony! because the product placement is an integral part of the story. And the commercial. And try too look cool superhero. And miss-why my line crappy. Oh my. Yesterday I was meh..
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o hai
Which machine translator did that come from?
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It seems that, despite their obsession with fame most of the heroes do take their job saving lives seriously. Good.

It does seem like this is going to be a more character-oriented than action-oriented series. That's OK. I expect there to be more episodes focusing on each individual hero. And I'd like to see all of them.

Btw the robber wore a pig-mask. I know that's from some famous movie, but can't recall which right now.
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Huh, Blue Rose is younger than I had thought.

The image of all the heroes training in the same gym (without masks) struck me as interesting. Does this mean they all know each others' secret identities? I guess they are coworkers, sort of. Even if they're sponsored by different companies, I guess ultimately they're all working for Hero TV.
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Its probably a lot like Racing. Many drivers are good friends with each other.

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Oh being friends isn't surprising, we've already seen signs of that between Tiger and the big armored guy whose name I forget, but even those who aren't friends are showing each other their faces. Even though they can't even tell their school friends or their daughters, apparently.

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Telling them is like putting a "Kidnap me please" sign on their back though you cant 100% trust them to not go blabbing vs if you know each others secret then you can both shut up.
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If that's what we're worried about there's nothing stopping rival heroes from investigating their competition and hiring kidnappers or something. If not the heroes themselves, their sponsors. And there's no traceability for the leak. Honestly, it seems like telling your rivals is perhaps the worst of all possible options.

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I must say, I like how idealistic this show is. Despite the fact that the corporate media is trying hard to ruin it for everybody, the heroes still keep saving lives as their number one priority, and it works. I'd have liked it even better if Blue Rose had actually retired, showing that even supers are allowed to have a normal life, but can't have it all I guess. And hey, they might still show some non-hero or villain NEXT in the coming episodes.
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This show touches me in my happy place. Then again, I've always been a sucker for well-done Affectionate Parody.

Incidentally, think they're marketing it towards a Western audience? What with the superhero theme and the unusual amount of (comprehensible) English text.
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I found the Pepsi commercial in the middle to be hilariously funny.
^^Not to mention Kirina and family looking even more Western than the usual anime standard, amongst others. Come to think of it, I don't think any of the heroes could really be considered Japanese (except maybe Kotetsu).
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[up]Indeed. Even Origami Cyclone is actually Russian.
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