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The episode was alright. I was pretty sure the bomb incident would turn out fine, although the way they went about it was pretty surprising.

Anyway, after 3 episodes, this series looks to be at least decent. Hopefully it won't take on too slow of a pace.
Am I the only one who thought:

wild mass guessA bomb on the opening day, when the new hero team just happens to have been requested to be there to help promote the building- all with reporters filming. How... convenient.

Think maybe someone is creating exciting dangers to increase publicity?wild mass guess
I do think that it will revealed that there is a Big Bad that wants to kill all the supers, but not sure if it will be just a character of Hero TV to get higher ratings, or a real evil person.
Since when did Jameson run the X-Men and why is Iron Man making power armor for them.

My comparisons aside ...

  • I have a bit of an issue with CGI mixed with traditional animation just doesn't look right to me.
  • I think both of the heroes have Idiot and conflict Balls built into their suits.
    • Seriously Tiger should have to have to do everything in accord with Bunny, and Bunny need to remove the stick from his as.
  • The blunt advertising makes me doubt that their is any chance for a subversion or deconstruction here.
  • I just plain hate watching things on hulu.(but that can't be helped)
  • Also for most of the first episode I was dreading the thought that the father was actually a pedo because they seemed to avoid the word father til the end.

wow I'm being negative excuse me while I Fangirl over somethings...

  • The first episodes managed to make me cry three times, and there have been some animes I've watched and not cried once.
  • Fat jolly superhero!
  • The action is pretty good.
  • I like the dynamic between Tiger & Bunny in terms of how they like to do things Reminds me of Superman and Batman.
  • Also lil'bunny has a Hidden Depths vibe to him.
  • also Lil'bunny is hot!

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I just plain hate watching things on hulu.(but that can't be helped)

There are other ways to watch it.
Man, there sure is a lot of lady-service in this show. I mean, they basically force Tiger to ask Bunny out on a date for the day! Just when I thought the homolust couldn't get any stronger...
^ And don't forget the accidentally-got-tied-up-facing-each-other incident in the last episode...

The fangirls seem to have responded accordingly, judging by all the shippy art in the daily popular artworks of Pixiv.

How is that any different from any Odd Couple Buddy Cop Show?
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^ You, sir or madam, are implying that people don't slash the everlasting crap out of Buddy Cop Show pairs.

I, for one, think Koutetsu's little girl could use a second daddy.

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I, on the other hand, wish that the Daft Punk Superman had more screentime. Best character in the show by far.
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[up][up] Uh... no. I am implying that every Buddy Cop Show leads to Yaoi Fangirls, so why bother getting upset with them in this case. They should just be ignored like I do with every other Yaoi Fangirl group.

(I will admit the Hetalia and Gundam Wing Yaoi Fangirls are particularly difficult to ignore, but I do my best).
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So...if Kotetsu doesn't want his daughter to find out about his hero thing, is it really okay for him to appear on camera without his costume?

All he has is that mask that doesn't cover anything at all..
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Psh. Domino masks are the greatest identity protector since the neuralyzer. If it's good enough for Robin, Night Wing, Green Arrow, the Spirit, Green Lantern, Speedy...

(Seriously though, I don't think the producers are giving him much of a choice in the matter. It's Koutetsu that's concerned with his secret identity, not them. The mask was probably just the placate him.)

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Say, am I the only one who thinks Kotetsu's boss (whose idea it was to team him and Barnaby up) looks a hell of a lot like a grey-haired David Bowie?
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^ This is anime: everyone in anime looks like Bowie
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^Well, I have thought in the past that if they ever make an Utena movie, they should just cast David Bowie in all the male roles.
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^ Really, it's bad enough that I barely even notice it anymore (Except in the case of Luck Gandor, who will forever be known in my head as the Thin White Mafioso).

Back to the subject: for some bizarre reason, I have a feeling that Daft Punk Superman Sky High is going to be working for the Big Bad (whoever that may be). I don't know, maybe I've been playing too much Ratchet & Clank and just expect popular superheroes to sell themselves out to the villains when convenient.
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Well, apparently he's kind of an airhead. So while I could see him being easy to manipulate, he's seems more like a Japanese toku actor than anything else right now. Just trying to not disappoint the kids at home and such.
^Agreed, hence one of my previous posts. He'll probably be the corporate lapdog type who'll do whatever is ordered if the others end up rebelling, which is my prediction for what happens down the line. Incidentally, is this show 13 or 26 episodes?
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It's going to be 11/12/13 episodes.

Why? Because it started airing after 2009.
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While the slashtasticness of Tiger/Bunny is obvious, I'd like to note that I'm seeing some tsundee subtext between Kotetsu and angry reporter lady.
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^I know what you mean; I think her opinion of him has improved after he convinced her to evacuate.
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Just watched all three episodes... this is really fun. [lol] I hope that Kotetsu's daughter makes more appearances. I'm always a fan of family drama in superhero stories.
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Wtb some Dragon Kid screen time.
Blue Rose amuses and impresses me. Her attempts to break typecasting are funny, and seriously, she's in second place when her suit can't even protect her from random bank robbers. That's gotta take talent.

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