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Tiger & Bunny:

 2751 absolclaw, Sat, 27th Jul '13 7:30:56 PM from Castelia City
More details on Golden Ryan, most notably his suit and his power (increasing the gravity of an area (approximately 30m diameter) around him). In case you haven't seen it and stuff.

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 2752 Ishtar Dragon, Sat, 27th Jul '13 7:46:28 PM from behind a computer screen...
Dalmatian Cow Thing
He looks like a Gryphon, or an eagle, with that suit! Golden eagle, maybe? Also, increasing gravity? I can't see how that'd become a plot point later on.
 2753 Ruise, Sat, 27th Jul '13 8:02:39 PM Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Yatogami's Capyper face (Noragami ch51)
I'm guessing this takes place after Tiger can only use his ability for one minute.

I hope those wings are retractable.
Moe garbage 4 lyfe.
 2754 Ishtar Dragon, Fri, 25th Oct '13 4:01:00 PM from behind a computer screen...
Dalmatian Cow Thing
Arise, T&Bros! For we hath the latest trailer!
 2755 Sijo, Fri, 25th Oct '13 4:38:30 PM from Puerto Rico
Looks like we have new supervillains! Whoo-hoo!

But, 2014!? Dammit, I can't wait! tongue

edited 25th Oct '13 4:38:59 PM by Sijo

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 2756 Ishtar Dragon, Fri, 25th Oct '13 4:48:55 PM from behind a computer screen...
Dalmatian Cow Thing
Neither can I! Darn, this thing was supposed to arrive on September... I only hope it's as good as they promised!

On related news, the Character Page for the movie got updated:
Just finished the series. The first season was great but the second was kind of sub-par.
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Total posts: 2,758
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