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1 dRoy31st Mar 2011 09:40:14 PM from Korea, aka the Suicide Land
Please pay attention to me, darling.
The Lancer in my story is an extremely Hot-Blooded individual who puts "enjoying your life" as the top priority in his life and even drags everyone else, inclduing The Hero, along with his wacky journey. He believes that life is too short for hesitation and regret and tries to see things as positive as he can.

In his backstory, when he was seven, he was involved in a car crash that killed his parents. His mother was holding him, shielding him from the impact, and died immediately. His father, on the other hand, while bleeding profusely after broken multiple bones, pries him out his mother.

He says to The Lancer that everything is okay, then smiles and gives him a piggy back, the first time he ever showed open affection. It was night and the phone was broken so father had to carry him all the way to the nearest hospital, which was miles away. So he walked, with injured son on his back.

On the way to hospital, he tells him about many things, like how life is too short to waste and real man can stand alone. He also tells The Lancer some funny stories to keep him entertained. When they're, like a mile away from a hospital, father stops talking. The Lancer tells him that how amazing he is and how he wants to be a man just like him and what he wants to be until they arrive at a hospital.

The father was already dead by the time The Lancer started talking.

Is this plausible enough?
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wait what
Wouldn't the dad've fallen over, or something?
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3 dRoy1st Apr 2011 05:59:10 AM from Korea, aka the Suicide Land
Please pay attention to me, darling.
[up] I know's just that I want to make things more dramatic and having him walk while being dead. I know it's impossible, but Rule of Drama could be apllied here, maybe?
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4 LoniJay1st Apr 2011 06:21:36 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
That really depends on how hard/soft your setting is.

If there is some possibility of magic or supernatural causes, perhaps.

But otherwise, really, it's a big no-no. Walking requires a certain amount of coordination, and you can't do it if you're clinically brain dead.
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5 dRoy1st Apr 2011 06:30:03 AM from Korea, aka the Suicide Land
Please pay attention to me, darling.
[up] Hmm, in that case I guess it might work. My verse runs in a watered down version of Spiral Power so if you have enough determination, you can warp reality itself to some degree, although in most cases, it's too small to be observed.
Virtue is free for everyone's tongue.
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