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The Smart Guy (also a Kyon-ish Deadpan Snarker) from my Five-Man Band is a Slider, or whatever that can jump to alternate universes.

When he gets bored in class, he jumps into an alternate world where is pretty much the same with his original world but there's no human combined with Years Inside Hours Outside. He chills there for few hours or so, and he returns then no more than a second or so has passed in his world.

One thing to note here is that when he slides into another world, he physically disappears so he has to do it in a secluded place. He joins The Hero when he, who has access to this verse equivalent of Akashic Records, rescues him when he gets stuck in one of the universes.

Few questions:

  • Would every Alternate Universe's time flow the same? Is there any theory about them?
  • If they don't, the slider should still age the same. Is there any way to counter them?
  • How would The Hero be able to find him? There's practically an infinite number of universes in my verse.
  • Would he be able to weaponize it by grabbing his enemy, slide into a universe, leave him/her in there and trapping her?

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I'll show you real magic.
What would be scientific theories I would need to understand to write such character? I've done some research on string theory, but that's about it.
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dRoy, after seeing about 5 of your threads on the first page of writer's block, I think it's time you made one compiled thread for this story you're working on.
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[up] I know. I just don't know how to. Any idea? Heh, I didn't know how annoying it could be. Apologies for anyone who got annoyed by incessant and frankly chaotic posts.

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Well, there's several ways you could go about this. A huge post, divided into multiple posts could work, but you'd need to be as concise as possible and carefully divide your paragraphs.
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[up] Well, is there anyway that I could merge all the preexisting threads?
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I haven't looked at all of the threads, but if they're about different aspects of the same work, there's no real problem with having multiple threads for the discussion.
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