*siiiigh* I mind-raped my Auth. Av. and I need to make 'em sane again:

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 So then

 Time for the meat

Verity can't handle it, and is literally just a few thoughts away from becoming a shrieking pile of fetal position. My plan is for hir and Tamara (who is only handling herself somewhat better due to shorter exposure and her training as a telepath, though she'll degenerate to fetal position in enough time without intervention) to get the help they need to bring themselves back to a point somewhat resembling normal.

The only idea I've had so far is of having 3 or 4 high-powered 'paths go through a joint effort to fix them...but I'm not sure HOW the actual repair process could possibly go.

Any suggestions on how the mind healing can happen (no "magic" though, since their problem is neurological, requires precision, and magic, especially at Whateley, is pretty messy even when used FOR neatness) via telepaths (or even plain ol' medicine), perhaps in a believable enough manner that it could even be duplicated in other stories about telepaths where a similar malady might occur that needs healing, would be helpful.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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If we've got telepaths roaming around, the classic solution to anything psychological is a Battle in the Center of the Mind, a la Psychonauts, with the damage done perhaps manifesting as a "shadow" of Dread.

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Well, if it's an Author Avatar then figure out what could make you sane again.
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One option is that maybe shi has a mental backup somewhere, an object that would evoke a reaction that would help hir reconstruct hirself, or an idea I was kicking around called a "mental cohesion transfusion" or something, where someone who could have a similar enough train of thought, (like a soulmate, sibling or best friend) could donate their psyche for reproduction, have the copy implanted into hir, and pray to God that it's able to take hold and reconstruct the person around it to a functional level.

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Transsexual needs <3
...HOLY CRAP...that's IT!
THIS is why it's great to run ideas by people, because it turns out I wrote something before it that actually sets up PERFECTLY for this scenario!


BOOM, there it is right there—reconstruct V and Tami's psyches using their friends! THANK YOU very much.

Also, thanks to KC for the sensible mystical suggestion, and Sand for dropping some common sense on my scrambled eggs-for-brains. tongue
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Glad to help!
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