If you're atheist and your significant other was religious...:

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Coming across this question as a fairly squishy soft atheist, I have to say that I sorta put myself in a really unique position.

I'm an atheist yes, but I LOVE RELIGION. Just not being a part of it. Most of my friends are Jews, Muslims, and Atheists. My best friend is a Neo-Pagan. Whenever I get the chance, I always really enjoy learning more about how their faith shapes their lives.

Granted though, I do have a bias. In fact, I wouldn't put it past most 20 somethings that we have a bias against something. And indeed, it's Christianity. Which I honestly can't stand.

I was raised as a Christian for 18 years of my life from my parents until I had to decide that I'd need something else for myself in life, and as a result, whether I had control over it or not, I ended up loosing pretty much 99% of any connection to Christians. Which again, I honestly can't stand. But I digress, I'm going off topic here.

Basically, as an atheist I wouldn't mind being in love with someone religious. In fact, I'd like it and I've tried to do it too with moderate success. There's the issue of her/him shoving their belief's on me, but if that the case then I wouldn't bother. The basic rule we've both had to hold onto (and this also applies to my friends) is that what works best for you doesn't always work best for someone else. If you can't follow that then I can still get along with you, I just have a limit on how close I'd like to get to you.

Kanaya, it's hard. Being a kid growing up. It's hard and no one understands.
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I refuss to believe it. That has to be a parody. Like the Landover Baptist forums. I refuse to belive that people could think the earth is flat in today's age.
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...wow, I just learned something depressingly incredible in this thread that I never intended to learn...

I wonder what they think the corner at the edges of the Earth must be like.

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Why would they want me to worship something less than myself... jk jk Kidding aside.

I suppose tell them how I feel and if they can't accept that I suppose break up with them. There are other fish in the sea after all, sure I'll always remember that fish and I may sometimes cry over that fish, but lying to that fish would be more harmful in the long run, if I truly love that fish then I can let that fish go, and keep my integrity.


[up][up][up] This is from their site: Most Online Today: 43. Most Online Ever: 1289 What.

Please tell me this is a Disc World fansite.

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Hey, people can delude themselves into thinking that anything they havent personally witnessed is false. Just look at the whole moon landing hoax theory. Deluded idiots the lot of them.
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Hey, I once had a girl in my class whose father was a minster of a "church" (They got accused of being a cult more than once) that taught humans and dinosaurs used to run around together. And who knows what other stuff - that was just her example of "Look what crazy things my dad believes!"
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It's not crazy, just ignorant. It becomes crazy if, once they've explained to you exactly why that isn't possible, and you understood the explanation, you still press on.


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I refuss to believe it. That has to be a parody. Like the Landover Baptist forums. I refuse to belive that people could think the earth is flat in today's age.

...eventually, we will reach a maximum entropy state where nobody has their own socks or underwear, or knows who to ask to get them back.
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@Depraved Bisexual : well not actually a "strawman atheist" i just see what level of harm they can do... this is something i can't win, but at least i'll take some of them down with me in discussion, and yes they are both, they are so blind by their faith that they want to destroy anybody who makes them doubt, they tell me they have mathematical proof which is flawless and perfect, i tell them show me, they never do it, then i ask is it perfect? they say yes, then a ask them: "you know what coriolis efect is?" they are dumbfounded, they don't know what they are talking about, static earth, flat earth, whatever... they live their life blind by faith, mind you i live in a third world country, have to crack wifi wep to get online on a crappy and battered 4 year old laptop to get online, people here are so blind they can't see shit even if its sticking to their face (sorry for my typos, my english is sorta kinda rusty), and being poor and ignorant lets people blind them even more... so they do exist, and are pathetic, its like salem witch hunt all over again with pinch forks and everything when they see people of science... if you think this is a parody, let me sigh and tell you 3 words and a name: "Westboro Baptist Church" and "Fred Phelps" in your country... when i heard it i thought it wasn't real, a parody... than i found out it isn't, its very real, and disgusting that people are like that... and the worst i have people like that as family...and much harm and torture done to me...

@Subtlyinyour Mind : when i got away to study and work when i had my life for myself before a "accident i had...." being a atheist didn't do me much harm... i had friends from all kinds of religions, the deal was "no talk about religion" and everybody was happy NOT IMPOSING, and they were good friends in those times... so i sorta understand you...

@Signed : from what they told me.. the edges drop of to hell...

@Ardiente : lol wut? can you please explain what you said in less rhetoric... my english is kinda rusty and i have a concussion (not joking...)

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@aquaphoenix Sadly, thereís a good number of those kinds of people youíve described everywhere. Not just people who believe the earth is flat and all that, but people who generally canít live in a world where people believe something different from them. The people usually crank the Fear of the Unknown Up to Eleven, and thus canít cope with anything they donít understand. Itís a shame that people like that exist, and having spent a good deal of time with similar people, I can understand what youíve gone through. Of course, I havenít been tortured or bent towards suicide because of it, as what I saw wasnít that socially extreme, but that doesnít make your situation any less horrific.

The best way to deal with these kinds of people is to simply cut them out of your life for as long as you can manage. Itís tough, especially dependant on where you may live, but that seems to be the only way to stop whatís happening to you.
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