Deconstructing Magical GIrls (And unintentionally offending Poles):

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An idea of mine - if I cannot do it owing to lack of time or interest, this can always go to Jack Mackarel who is supposedly very interested in stuffs like this.

Hikaru Kobayashi is an average teenage girl, being an average student in an average middle school with no real talents to speak of, which is to say there are thousands more like her in the whole of Japan. Even her dream was average and mildly childish - she wanted nothing more than to become a magical girl, take up then mantle of power against evil monsters and save the day while looking fabulously stylish. She's got a nice name, a generally pretty face (or so she claims), and even the poses worked out, should that day come.

One day that she desired the most came knocking at her doors. In a bizarre dream, she met with a winged humanoid in red and white who called him/herself Miharu Worodijousuki. The figure promised Hikaru great power "Enough to bring fire and sword to the steppes and stop the Deluge in the name of His Highness Jan Sobieski". In return, she would help him/her on a quest that, for some reason, he/she had not revealed yet. Seeing his/her pair of wings, naturally Hikaru jumped to the nearest conclusion.

The next day, she woke up in what appeared to be the opposite of what a magical girl was supposed to be like - a panoply of half-plate over red tunic that was almost too heavy for her to even walk in. The wings were there, and on second look she realized that it was not a pair of fluffy angel wings, but rather a metallic pair of cavalry decoration of Polish make and design. She had a staff, or rather, what a kopia lance would remotely pass as.

It gets worse. Now that she was bestowed a panoply resembling a magical girl in the loosest sense, trouble began to come to her in the form of giant invading monsters from nowhere, just like the norm. To add insult to injury, apparently that panoply was bestowed to her on another condition that she must not engage in romantic relationship with a boy or otherwise before beheading three foes in one single swipe.

Survival was not guaranteed.

I know, crappy idea, but that is what I got on a sleepless night before the exam.

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I have no real advice for you.

The concept, however, is good. You just need to work out some kinks.
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Tell me please this is one of the invading monsters from nowhere.

But hey, the sabre is close enough to a katana.
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If the girl is Bad Ass enough, I'm sure no number of monsters would be a problem. I've also got a Magical Girl story but my girl has the power to rot and decay things. It sucks as she can barely control it but at least she pushes on. She also already has a boyfriend so romance isn't much of an issue.
@ Gacek: ... Space Cossacks?

Actually, what I had in mind is something like standard Nanoha/Sailor Moon fare, and then slowly switching to Khmelnytsky and Ottoman-esque foes.

Unfortunate Implication, I hardly know ye. tongue

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I remember there once was a video game where you fought Space Commies from the planet Rooskie. You could go for something of this kind. cool

You probably know the Commonwealth called itself antemurale Christianitatis, loosely translated: Christianity's outermost defence. What everyone assumed was that it was a jab against its non-Catholic enemies, but now it seems "non-Catholic" is a category much broader than just Protestants and Muslims. tongue
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This has some difference from my original idea, BTW. My original plan had a magical girl academy that this girl really wanted to go to but can't.

Actually it may be my best bet when it comes to "traditional MG vs. Husaria MG".

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This is great!
Ironic, huh?
Very interesting. VERY interesting. This may add yet another dimension to the idea.

So maybe in the beginning Hikaru would be fighting Ukrainian cossacks or something very reminiscent of which with the kind of attitude one could expect from a magical girl nut. And then she meets a particular Bofudan Fumiriniishiki or someone resembling him.

... if not done well, this will end up offending Poles, Ukrainians AND Russians. And Magical Girl fanatics.
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Dude... You said you did your research, so if what you say is that you've never heard of Khmelnytsky before, I'm kind of, you know, disappoint. Fire on the Steppe, or what was the English name of the novel, is set during his uprising.


Also, the girl's Ordinary High School should be a Catholic one. The reasons are two: first, Jesuit education was renowned among the Sarmatians, so it'd be logical that Miharu-san would look there first... only made a mistake of a couple of thousands of kilometers to the east; second, you know what I mean.

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