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Have you noticed that in some shows the rest of the cast tends to be more interesting than the Hero of a Five-Man Band?

How could I avoid my main hero from becoming the least interesting of the cast?
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Make the hero funny and make The Lancer a “Stop Having Fun” Guy?
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Characterization and interaction. Have something the reader/viewer can relate to or like in the Hero that otherwise isn't found in the others.

Likewise have your Hero have believable interactions. Meaning if The Hero and The Lancer are Type 2 Vitriolic Best Buds (with a side helping of With Friends Like These...), show it and don't make the situation such that the Hero always wins reducing the Lancer to a Commander Contrarian always afflicted by the Conflict Ball. Have the arguments and fights go back and forth, each side occasionally having a point or advantage when doing so. Not everything interesting going to just the Lancer or the Hero.

Additionally, flesh out each character's personality. Standardized leader syndrome usually results from placing the focus on one character (usually created first) for the Hero role and then when making the rest coming up with new and better ideas applied to the rest. When making a Five-Man Band, if you can make all 5 their own distinct personalities, you'll have already taken a great leap to averting this problem.
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Ok , got that Major Tom. The first main character that my cheery and snarky hero meets is an overly serious and disgruntled smart guy that doubles as Blue Oni ofr the hero's Red Oni. In hidden dephts, the hero feels blue (Daddy didnt love him) and the Smart guy is uberly emotional (had a deep bond with both parents)

T He problem comes when they meet with an apathic character that, if friendly, has bleak outloook on life compared to the hero which could also count as a Lancer.

Wich one of the last 2 characters would be considered as The Lancer and does the hero look bleak compared to the other two?

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One of the best dynamics for Hero/Lancer is the Red Oni, Blue Oni and going either way with the Hero being Red and the Lancer Blue or vice versa.
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Im still in doubt that if either the First companion (Gadgeteer Genius) or the second (Friendly S Niper)is the Lancer to the Hero
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Still in doubt here...
Maybe you need to ask yourself if it is really necessary to have a [#] man band in your story at all. Mindless adherence to convention won't do you any good. If you find your leader uninteresting, put him on the chopping block. Make another one of your characters the leader. Your writing won't hurt for lack of one boring character.
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Honestly, it isn't really a problem if your hero is the least interesting. The hero is often the least interesting character in the story: he often has to carry the story while everyone else is free to roam around and develop character. As long as he isn't downright uninteresting, you should be fine.
My solution to a boring hero? Change the perspective. Write it from the perspective of one of the other major characters, who is more interesting than the hero. It's not set in stone that a certain character must be protagonist, just because they move the plot along.
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Ok. so my hero feels interesting now that I look back at him. He is a sort of Mr. Vice Guy (his vice being Lust) Which in my opinion adds interest points. Having the other member having a different vice from the hero add more to their characters I guess.
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