YMMV: Zeiram

  • Fanfic Fuel: Connections with The Dirty Pair are common after Kei's Gender Reveal.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Zeiram's skeleton form is very creepy.
    • Screw the skeleton form, Zeiram period. that thing is basically a mash-up of Terminator, Predator, The Thing (1982) and a xenomorph.
    • Keita Amemiya has said that Zeiram's design came to him when he realized it would be rather unsettling to see a man in Edo-period traveling kit (the hat, the scarf, the cloak) suddenly appear on a modern-day street.
    • Zeiram's encounter with the poor-quality clone is one of those moments where one has to laugh to keep from screaming in revulsion. Even more so when you realize the clone is Kamiya's actor in particularly grotesque makeup.