YMMV / Zeiram

  • The Aesthetics of Technology: Every piece of Iria and Bob's equipment in the films looks like a cluttered, complex piece of Used Future, particularly Iria's suit and her various weapons.
    • More notable, however, are the wonderful designs in the animation; a unique blend of ancient east and futuristic west with origami wing packs, pagoda-shaped escape pods and space-capable rickshaws alongside under-shoulder variable-barrel laser cannons and slug-throwers with tape-wrapped grips.
  • Fanfic Fuel: Connections with The Dirty Pair are common after Kei's Gender Reveal in The Animation. The movie continuity, however, takes place in The Present Day, making this impossible there.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Zeiram's skeleton form is very creepy.
    • Screw the skeleton form, Zeiram period. that thing is basically a mash-up of Terminator, Predator, The Thing (1982) and a xenomorph.
    • Keita Amemiya has said that Zeiram's design came to him when he realized it would be rather unsettling to see a man in Edo-period traveling kit (the hat, the scarf, the cloak) walking down a modern street in the middle of the night.
    • Zeiram's encounter with the poor-quality clone is one of those moments where one has to laugh to keep from screaming in revulsion. Even more so when you realize the clone is Kamiya's actor in particularly grotesque makeup.
  • Special Effect Failure: Narrowly averted in the films, depending on how strong your suspension of disbelief is. In the first film, however, much of Iria and Bob's computer equipment is blatantly bodged together on the cheap by the prop department from random pieces of electronic equipment — the device that controls their teleporter unit is obviously a Boss DR-550 Dr. Rhythm drum machine with electrical tape over the logo, and one of the keyboards looks like a Yamaha DX21 synthesizer with the piano keys painted matte black. In canon, the implication is that they are forced to cobble together their equipment in accordance with the Prime Directive, so that they don't leave traces of alien technology on Earth. This means that the junky equipment made from normal electronics is intentional.
    • There's also an explosion inside a model building in the first film. The explosion itself is fairly convincing — what blows the effect is that the flames from the blast light up the ceiling struts of the soundstage it was filmed on.