YMMV / Zatanna

  • Complete Monster: Eldon Peck was formerly a disgruntled mystic and cultist who condemned thirteen children to eternal agony to gain supernatural powers, transforming him into the sinister Brother Night. A Serial Rapist who used his compelling powers to force women to sleep with him, Night plots to take over the criminal underworlds of both the magical and mundane worlds, gathering the crime lords of San Francisco in one place before having them gruesomely murdered in a variety of creative ways. To stop Zatanna from foiling his schemes, Night targets the innocent after his attempt to condemn Zatanna to an eternal nightmare fails, trying to damn Zatanna's crew in the same manner he cursed the children and forcing Zatanna to fight the enslaved spirit of her own father. After his return to villainy following his apparent defeat, Night drives the prisoners and guards of the prison infirmary he's in to fanatical madness and suicide, magically stripping away the flesh of the remaining prisoners and using their bones as a ladder to make his grand escape. Appropriately described by Zatanna as a narcissistic, power-mad maniac, Night's quest to destroy Zatanna and everyone she loved cements him as the magician's cruelest and most tenacious foe.
  • Internet Backdraft: While Joseph Kahn's Justice League Dark designs were canceled alongside the rest of the project, his design for Zatanna was met with a lot of scorn given that it made Zatanna look like a punk that was very far removed from her stage magician look. While some thought it was an interesting take, most people, especially on twitter and reddit, noted the "realistic" punk look was too cliche. It was especially jarring with so many heroines forgoing their original designs in favor of a similar look in recent adaptations.
  • My Real Daddy: Paul Dini for his great handling of her in Batman: The Animated Series, then in his run on Detective Comics and Batman: Streets of Gotham, and finally on her solo title.
  • Never Live It Down: Zatanna mind wiping Doctor Light to make him less dangerous, and then mind wiping Batman, in Identity Crisis has become this.