YMMV / Uzumaki Harry

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: While Dumbledore is not particularly manipulative, he did seem eager for Snape and Harry to possibly get along. Then it actually happened, at least from Harry's end.
    • The author also takes a few potshots at the wizarding world in general (though the most grievous to Harry is lack of ramen) and especially the setup of the Twiwizard Tournament. Aka: If this is about inter-school unity, why are we competing against each other?
    • The Slytherins are made more tolerable through Harry's power of Icha-Icha. Draco even saved Harry once so he'd stop owing Harry his life for the Hippogriff incident.

  • Dead Fic: An unfortunately common symptom of Shadow Crystal Mage-Sama's fics, this one hasn't been updated in over 4 years. SCM has updated and finished other fics, and despite this ones continued popularity, has not returned to it.