YMMV / Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial

  • Complete Monster: Belial comes back as Kaiser Belial ("Dark Great Emperor"), as bad as ever. After Zero beat Belial, Belial traveled to another dimension, creating Darklops robotic clones of his archenemy Zero and sending them out to cause havoc. One such clone, Darklops Zero, is the Big Bad of the tie-in movie Ultra Galaxy: Ultraman Zero vs Darklops Zero, making Belial responsible for everything that goes wrong there. Said clone was a sadistic killing machine, much like his creator. In the movie proper, we find out why Belial was making an army of robots—he’s been going from planet to planet in this new dimension, harvesting "emerald" power sources to power his army and himself. Renaming himself "Kaiser Belial" or simply "Emperor", Belial sends his forces to massacre all opposition. Zero tracks Belial to this dimension, even taking a human host to survive, but Belial captures him and gloats to Zero about his plans. Once finished in this alternate dimension, Belial was going to murder all Zero’s friends and then have his Empire destroy everyone in Nebula M78, Zero’s home world, while Zero is forced to watch. Zero escapes and the two have a rematch, with Belial eventually turning into a monster called Arch Belial. Now unstoppable, Belial takes great pleasure in torturing Zero, beating on him and sucking the life out of Zero’s body while gloating about his newfound power.
  • Evil Is Cool: You gotta admit that Belial's army is very impressive.
  • Unexpected Character: Ultraman Noa of Ultraman Nexus shows up to revive Zero and give him his Shield of Baradhi as the latter's Super Mode.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The entire movie is gorgeous and visually amazing, probably one of the best in Tokusatsu history.