YMMV / Ultraman Zero

  • Base-Breaking Character: Ultraman Zero himself, especially in his debut appearance. Some thing he's a cool character and a badass, while others thing he's a randomly overpowered Spotlight-Stealing Squad despite being a rookie. This got to be less of one in his later appearances (as he was both seriously challenged by his enemies and now the main character who's supposed to get focus), but is still present.
  • Complete Monster: Alien Bat is a genocidal tyrant from another world. Coming to an alternate Earth, he brings with him a giant insectoid monster named Hyper Zetton, and feeds nearly all of humanity, rougly 6 billion except a few dozen survivors in Japan, to Hyper Zetton just to give it a power upgrade. He then spends the rest of the movie torturing said survivors, sending Kaiju to torment them, while gloating about how powerful his creatures are. When Ultraman Dyna comes to free the people from Hyper Zetton, Alien Bat has Dyna turned to stone after having Zetton beat Dyna almost to death. Eventually, two more Ultramen, Cosmos and Zero, come to save this alternate Earth, and start by freeing two of Bat's kaiju from his control. The instant both monsters agree to leave peacefully, Bat immediately murders both monsters in front of Cosmos. When his plans come to fruition, Bat merges with Hyper Zetton and gleefully beats all three Ultramen almost to death, gloating about how his now power makes him a god.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Zero's later appearances won over some people who felt Zero was an overpowered Spotlight-Stealing Squad in his debut appearance, mainly due to him being shown to be not as overpowered as he initially appeared.