YMMV / Ubel Blatt

  • Anticlimax Boss: Lord Glenn was dispatched relatively quickly. Although he may avert this trope now...
  • Complete Monster:
    • The Fake Kfer is the first villain we meet, and is one of the nastiest. A minor frontier lord, Kferr betrayed his home nation to join The Empire of Wischtech and is introduced violently raping a captive girl before he leaves her for his Hellish Horse Xylus, who shares his master's penchant for rape. He also kills a man just for disturbing Xylus later. He also leads his men to Rape, Pillage, and Burn all in their path, planning to rape the women he catches there as well after slaughtering multiple innocent people for no reason.
    • The Fake Gustav is as brutal as Kferr, using her forces to repress those in her domain and kidnapping children for her experiments. A lover of young boys, she also rapes the hero Koinzell when he falls into her clutches after having obtained him by blackmailing a girl with her brother's life to lure Koinzell in. She then reveals she'd already turned the brother into a horrible abomination, like she has so many other boys.
    • Regional Count Schtemwolech, the first of Koinzell's targets of the Seven Heroes, is a Mad Scientist obsessed with immortality. He keeps an Amazon Brigade consisting of elven maidens he's used expert Mind Rape powers on to keep them trapped in a state of eternal agony, but unable to disobey him. He conducts experiments on elves to kill them, or turn them into living abominations for his usage, and regularly bleeds elven maidens dry to harvest their blood for his use. When he encounters Koinzell, a man he betrayed and murdered twenty years prior, all he can wonder is how Koinzell has kept himself young.
    • Vice Admiral Pago is The Dragon to Schtemwolech. Pago puts on the front of being a decent human being to his gentle sworn brother Geranpen, but uses Geranpen to unknowingly gather women to be experimented on and killed by Pago's lord Schtemwolech, all for his personal profit. When a young elf named Zeppy learns what's happening to the women, Pago murders his parents out of spite, reanimates them and sends them to kill Zeppy. When Geranpen intervens, Pago tries to kill him as well, coldly declaring his brother means nothing to him as he's done using him. After Koinzell drives off Pago by taking his arm, Pago simply makes another by using necromancy to graft two elven maidens to the stump to serve as Combat Tentacles.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Along with Berserk and Claymore, Ubel Blatt is among the most popular Seinen in France, and won a prize. Volumes from 11 on are even released simultaneously in Japan, France and Italy, which is extremely rare. Seems they really like their Dark Fantasy there.
  • Iron Woobie: Koinzell
  • Moral Event Horizon: Most villains cross it sooner rather than later. The difference is mainly in how hard they cross it.
  • The Woobie: Geranpen, a big Nice Guy and arguably one of the most moral people found in this Crapsack World, is used as a tool by his own brother Pago, whom he loves dearly. He then finds that the maidens he "rescued" are being used for horrific experiments and are all suffering a Fate Worse Than Death, his brother then attempts to murder him, declaring that Geranpen meant nothing to him and he finally crosses the Despair Event Horizon after being forced to help Koinzell put down his brother and decides to stay behind in the collapse of Schtemwolech's castle, fully intending to die alongside Pago. Thankfully, he gets better.