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YMMV: Top Secret!

Top Secret!, the film:

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: for a movie that spoofs musical comedies of The Sixties, they did a damn good job mimicking The Beach Boys and Elvis Presley.
    • In-universe, as Nick Rivers' songs "Skeet Surfin" "Skeet U.S.A." and "Skeet City" hit the top three spots on Billboard's charts the same week. With the Nick Rivers / Tammy Wynette duet "Your Skeetin' Heart" rounding out the fourth spot.
    • Nick's cover of Are You Lonesome Tonight.
  • Ear Worm: "How Silly Can You Get?"
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The actor playing Déjà Vu shares the same name with the man whose presidency Hillary's uncle escaped from.
    • Val Kilmer and Michael Gough work together for the first time. More than a decade later they would be Batman and Alfred respectively in Batman Forever.

Top Secret!, the magazine:

  • Narm: The early issues can read like this between the rather clumsy writing, articles resembling impromptu fanfiction rather than actual gameplay descriptions, and some authors elevating computer games to the level of mystic lore.

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