YMMV: Tin Man

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Glitch is DG and Azkadellia's father. They both resemble him and the Queen was much closer to him than they ever show her being with Ahamo. There is a big portrait of him standing at her side, but none of her with Ahamo.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The failed pilot episode Lost In Oz used some of the same ideas, particularly the villain being possessed by the original Wicked Witch.
  • Ho Yay: Look, it's got Alan Cumming in it. And Glitch and Cain talk about dancing and Glitch tells Cain he makes him feel like girls at balls used to, and Cain makes him remember who he is by calling him "Sweetheart."
  • Magnificent Bitch: Azkadellia. She overthrew her mother, tricked DG into leading her to the Emerald, defeated the Tin Men and almost succeeded in her plan to trap the OZ in eternal darkness. The only reason she didn't is because she had a Heel-Face Turn, not because the heroes defeated her.
    • It runs in the family; while the queen is a more benevolent version of this trope, she counts with her plan to 'banish' Ahmaho, hide DG and implant memories and codewords to make her come back at the right time, as well as hiding the Emerald.
  • Narm: "My life is a lie!" Oh, DG...
    • Everyone calls her DG. Everyone, all the time. Even her mother, in extreme times of crisis, only refers to her by initials. Because the incredibly obvious not so clever reference her name is would be ruined if they actually gave her a name. So in one of the films climactic scenes the queen can only say "Deeeeegeeeee!"
  • Nightmare Fuel: Glitch's flashback of his lobotomy.
    • The first Wicked Witch. "You can let go, little girl..." *shudders*
  • Rewatch Bonus: Knowing Azkadellia is possessed makes her conversations with the Queen and the Mystic Man take a new meaning.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks
  • The Woobie: Take your pick:
    • Glitch, for having half his brain removed.
    • Cain, for being in an And I Must Scream prison.
    • Azkadellia who was possessed by an evil witch, and was then helpless to do anything as the witch then took over and killed everyone.