YMMV / Threshold

  • Complete Monster: Nzame is an Eldritch Abomination from beyond our world. Finding a way into our world, he turns the portal into an Eldritch Location and murders several people working on this portal in increasingly horrific ways. He uses this portal in the form of a pyramid to breach into the human world and mind rapes the population of Threshold into worshiping him. Once they do, he transforms them into stone golems in constant pain. When the protagonists rise to oppose him, he attacks them through their dreams, threatening bodily harm to them and their loved ones. He pays special focus to the heroine, Tirzah, threatening to possess her unborn child and leave her husband trapped in an Eldritch Location. Twisted and cruel, Nzame does not care for anything but himself and power.
  • Designated Hero: Cavanaugh. In the pilot alone, he bugs the homes of his fellow team-members without permission, has the team implanted with tracking devices, routinely roughs up anyone who questions why he is violating their civil liberties, and uses his firearm as both a lockpick and television remote.
    • It should be noted that bugging the homes of his team-members is actually following Threshold protocol, everyone violates civil rights, and shooting the television saved the lives of his teammates.
  • Fridge Logic: What exactly was the threat of the North Koreans in the pilot? The US team was already on the scene and securing the vessel? Not to mentioned the reason to destroy the vessel was to stop it falling into their hands? How? It was a US vessel, with US military personnel onboard... to do so would have been an unprovoked act of war.
    • For that matter, what in the name of Kim Il-Sung was a North Korean submarine doing in the North Atlantic?
    • And they explicitly said it was a Kilo-class sub. An American Los Angeles class would consider a Kilo target practice.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Carla Gugino would go on to play a UFO researcher in Race to Witch Mountain, which also stars Ciaran Hinds as a MIB-type character akin to Dr. Caffrey.
  • Idiot Plot: Why would you put a contingency planner on direct control? Why would you leave her there when every single decision she makes backfires horribly?
    • You put her there because it's her plan and "no plan survives contact with the enemy," so have her be there to hopefully deal with every contingency. Keep her there because, despite her failures, she's still the main reason things aren't even worse especially when failures come down to things out of their hands, like lack of manpower or resources, or getting strong-armed from above.
  • Nightmare Fuel: A zombified child speaking taunts from the Big Bad to his dead father? More than a little creepy!
  • Whole Plot Reference: The War on Terror with alien invasion! All the shady moves Threshold does, especially the indefinite detention without court or any information, are portrayed with their full moral ambiguity.