Trivia / Threshold

The TV Series:

  • Name's the Same: The series has the same name as a Star Trek: Voyager episode written by this show's head writer, Brannon Braga. That episode was pretty much universally hated (including by Braga himself), and is the only episode of any Star Trek episode ever to be made Canon Discontinuity. Fortunately, this show was much better received (at least by people who knew about it).
  • Retroactive Recognition: It's Tyrion Lannister as a Cunning Linguist!
    • Even more amusingly, Ramsey and Tyrion are both similar in personalities, especially in their favorite pastimes.
    • It seems that Chuck Shurley is apparently an aerospace engineer in his spare time away from being, you know, God.
    • So apparently Ted Sprague lived in the 19th century and fought aliens... cool.
  • Screwed by the Network: The network screwed the show over by switching it to a bad time slot and then cancelling it ONE DAY LATER.
  • What Could Have Been: after cancellation, details on a number of very ambitious future plotlines emerged.