Trivia: Threshold

The TV Series:

  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Brent Spiner, best known as Data.
    • And behaving far more like he actually is in real life this time (Brent Spiner is known to be something of a goofball Cloud Cuckoolander off the television set).
    • Doctor Sloan (the titular "Vigilante") was played by Jeffrey Donovan, who later became Michael Westen.
    • The System Lord Zilpacna had apparently infiltrated the crew of the Bighorn. Maybe it's good thing he was infected, as opposed to being able to carry out whatever evil plot he had in mind.
    • What's Carth Onasi doing in a mental institute?
  • Retroactive Recognition: It's Tyrion Lannister as a Cunning Linguist!
    • Even more amusingly, Ramsey and Tyrion are both similar in personalities, especially in their favorite pastimes.
    • It seems that Chuck Shurley is apparently an aerospace engineer in his spare time away from being, you know, God.
    • So apparently Ted Sprague lived in the 19th century and fought aliens... cool.