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YMMV / The Secret Saturdays

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: A few fan threads like to run with the idea that Kur may not have been as evil as everyone in the show likes touting. To begin with, Kur at first is introduced more like a weapon or power source for Argost to use to commit evil than an actually active evil force, but the characters switch to referring to both Argost and Kur as evil a little while in. Despite this, there's nothing given to the audience to suggest Kur was actually evil other than it being constantly repeated by people in the show. The only exception is possibly the talking Lemurian head, but even he has a known bias because, as he outright says, Kur and the Lemurians were enemies, and we have no information to tell whether the Lemurians were justified in this position or if this is a case of Written by the Winners. See WMG page for more details.
  • Cliché Storm: Being one big homage to Jonny Quest-like cartoons, it have a bit of this though the cryptid premise is something of a refreshing twist.
  • Complete Monster: V.V. (Vincent Vladislav) Argost is the Faux Affably Evil nemesis of the Saturday family and, in actuality, a cryptid himself. As the Himalayan Yeti, Argost murdered people for pleasure, preying upon the humans who wandered through the mountains and taking "souvenirs" off their bodies. Two of his victims were Drew and Doyle Saturdays' parents. When confronted with this, Argost only says he can't be bothered to remember all of the people he's killed. Throughout the series, Argost was obsessed with finding Kur, a god who had the power to control all cryptids. Eventually, Argost discovered that Zak Saturday was Kur himself, and so Argost began plotting to steal the boy's power. Eventually Argost managed to succeed in this by draining the god power out of Zak Monday, the evil alternate dimension counterpart of Zak Saturday; this had the side effect of killing the boy. With his newfound powers, Argost ordered his cryptid army to wage war against every major human capital city, with the ultimate goal to Kill All Humans and rule all cryptids. Though already possessing a god's power, Argost craved more power still, and so he killed Zak Saturday to drain his power as well, just as he did to Monday. Ever the showman, Argost took to committing atrocities with a theatrical flourish and dry humor, relishing the screams of his victims and considering the destruction of mankind as just another one of his grand performances.
  • Creator Worship: Jay Stephens receives TONS of this as an active member of the Toon Zone forums.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Doyle. It's generally agreed that his addition to the team was a welcomed improvement for the show.
  • Evil Is Cool: V.V. Argost, Van Rook, and a large number of the other villains.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Abbey Gray after her Face–Heel Turn.
  • Genius Bonus:
    • The number of obscure cryptids in the series. How many of you have ever heard of the Tapire-iauara or the Orang pendek?
    • The deity of "Kur" itself, though there's a bit of Sadly Mythtaken mixed in. Kur was a real part of Sumerian mythology and in particular their belief of the Underworld. The Saturday's dragonesque S logo also is a nice reference, since Kur has in the past been interepreted as a dragon. However, these interpretations are now believed to be wrong—Kur is believed not to be a god, but the Sumerian word for the Underworld itself, which often underwent Anthropomorphic Personification in their legends and in a way makes this a case of Everybody Hates Hades. The confusion is not helped by the fact that the names of key figures in Sumerian legends are often swapped around between different versions.
  • Growing the Beard: The show, already good, improved a lot when Doyle joined the team. Season 2 took this Up to Eleven.
  • Idiot Plot:
    • When the Secret Scientists took the Kur Stone away from Argost 11 years prior to the start of the show, why didn't they smash it into a fine powder so that Argost could never possibly recover the thing, instead of just breaking into three pieces to hide?
      • On the off chance that Argost DID find Kur in some way that didn't involve the stone, the secret scientists probably needed some way to find Kur themselves. Plus, they lost something like twenty secret scientists to Weird World; if they just ended up smashing the stone, those scientists would have died for nothing.
    • What the heck was the big deal about Antarctica if Zak, aka Kur, was with them everywhere they went? Fisk douses for Kur's location and comes up with a surprisingly accurate reading of some place near the South Pole, but the reveal in the next episode that Zak is Kur proves that there was no actual need to go there. Some argue that he was just predicting where Kur would be revealed, but the entire Red Herring in hindsight makes no sense. Kur was only revealed there because the dousing rod told them Kur would be revealed there. The dousing would make more sense if it'd just pointed to where they stood.
  • LGBT Fanbase: Doyle is loved by gay fans.
  • Magnificent Bastard: V.V. Argost. A man who oozes charisma and actually manages to come out ahead of the heroes in multiple episodes.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Everything Argost does cements him as this. Though the penultimate episode reveals he crossed this before the show ever began, as the Himilayan Yeti, he murdered many humans, including Drew and Doyle's parents, for fun and took personal belongings as souvenirs. Even Van Rook found this appalling.
  • No Yay: In "The Underground Bride", Fisk implies that Zak's overprotectiveness of Zon is actually him being jealous of her new sweetheart. Two problems with this: One, Zak's a human, Zon's a prehistoric flying reptile. Two, Zon is Zak's adoptive sister.
  • Rewatch Bonus: Everything about V.V. Argost after his true identity is revealed. Ditto for Zak after we learn that he's Kur.
  • So Okay, It's Average: The show is just okay in general: its high points being great dialogue (almost always from Zak, Doyle, or Fiskerton) and creativity while its low points are its somewhat limited animation and slow character development. Season 2 is definitely an improvement but it still hasn't quite grabbed the viewers' attention. Being Screwed by the Network and premiering during the height of CN's Dork Age didn't help at all.
  • They Changed It So It Sucks: This requires a bit of explaining. In the Ben 10: Omniverse episode "T.G.I.S.", the Saturdays and Argost crossed over into the world of Ben 10 where they all got redesigns (Omniverse has a very different animation style.) Also, only one voice actor from the original series returned. The fans were not pleased.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Season 2 takes place six months after the reveal that Zak is Kur and at some point during that time the other Secret Scientists turned their backs on the Saturday family, even going so far as to collectively agree to capture and neutralize/kill their child. Not only that, but the reveal that Zak is Kur alone must've been traumatizing, as every "good guy" in Season 1 built Kur up to be this insanely evil being that must be stopped at all costs, especially the Saturday parents (despite actually knowing nothing concrete about Kur). However, the start of Season 2 has all the protagonists already relatively well-adjusted to these changes, and despite the clear potential for interesting and unique Character Development, we never see or hear about what happened during those six months.
    • Ditto for Kur himself. Most characters briefly mention that there are legends about him, but we never actually hear them and we never really learn anything about him other than the fact that he had the power to raise a Cryptid army and is implied by Argost to have taken part in a good number of large-scale ancient wars. This was understandable in the first season when Kur was simply just a force to find and stop, but seems like absolute wasted potential in the second season after Zak is revealed to be Kur and the show's focus instead shifts to learning about Kur as opposed to stopping him.
  • Toy Ship: Zak and Wadi.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: As noted under "They Changed It So It Sucks", the recasting of the Saturdays for Ben 10: Omniverse, mostly Bumper Robinson and Vanessa Marshall replacing Phil Morris and Nicole Sullivan in the respective roles of Doc and Drew. Ogie Banks replacing Sam Lerner as Zak was better recieved as Zak was older, and Argost escaped this because Corey Burton was the aforementioned voice actor who returned and he was already doing voices for Omniverse.