YMMV / The Rat Patrol

  • Anti-Villain: Dietrich sits pretty squarely in Type IV. He's essentially just a German fighting for Germany, and for a man who's supposed to be their enemy, he spends a fair bit of time working with the Rat Patrol instead of fighting them.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Many. Special mention goes to Dietrich in "The Decoy Raid" when he shoots an insane SS officer to save Moffitt’s life.
    • Also Troy saving the dog in "The Darers Go First Raid".
    • To say nothing of Colonel Leske, who sacrifices himself to save his French lover Michele.
  • Estrogen Brigade: For a show about soldiers with minimal characterization and more chase scenes and explosions than you can shake a stick at, you might wonder why it’s so popular among the ladies…unless you’ve seen the leads.
  • Foe Yay: Mostly between Troy and Dietrich. Moffitt and Dietrich get a bit of love too.
    • "The Chain of Death Raid" is basically one half hour slash fic.
  • Ho Yay: Every which way you look. "The Love Thine Enemy Raid" practically makes Troy/Moffitt cannon, with Moffitt whiny and jealous the entire episode when Troy is devoting all his attention to saving the life of a beautiful German nurse. Tully and Hitch get a few moments too, and heck, all the guys one time or another.