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YMMV: The Grateful Dead
  • Archive Panic
  • Awesome Music: An awful lot of it, given the band's Long Runner status. American Beauty is usually cited as the band's studio Magnum Opus, with Workingman's Dead being a close second. As for the band's live output, fan opinions are divided (as would be expected with a band that toured as long and was as thoroughly documented as the Dead; the band played some 2,350 shows), but frequently cited contenders for Best Show Ever include:
    • February 13 & 14, 1970 at Fillmore East, New York, NY (parts of these were released on Dick's Picks Vol. 4 and Bear's Choice; the 13th is usually cited as the superior show due to the half-hour-each versions of "Dark Star" -> "That's It for the Other One" -> "Turn on Your Love Light")
    • May 2, 1970 at Harpur College, SUNY, Binghamton, NY (almost the entire performance was released as Dick's Picks Vol. 8, but the electric set is unfortunately in mono)
    • August 27, 1972 at Old Renaissance Faire Grounds, Veneta, OR
    • May 8, 1977 at Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (compounding this show's reputation is the fact that it was the first A+-quality soundboard bootleg many fans heard, but it's still a very good performance from one of the band's best years)
  • Deader Than Disco: Most depictions of the band these days only portray them to make fun of their scarily devoted fans.
  • Face of the Band: Jerry Garcia, no matter how much he insisted that he wasn't. In fact, after Garcia died, the remaining bandmates toured a few times as The Other Ones before changing their name to "The Dead".
  • Newbie Boom: "Touch Heads", the fandom name for those who became fans of the band because of the success of "Touch of Grey" in the late 80's.

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