YMMV / The Garden of Words

  • Awesome Music: The ending theme, Rain by Motohiro Hata, is an emotional yet catchy song that fits the movie almost perfectly.
  • Awesome Art: There's a reason why this movie is regarded as a visual masterpiece or called Scenery Porn. The backgrounds are gorgeous and highly visually appealing. Even if you aren't into the story, the visuals alone tend to satisfy people.
  • Broken Base: Many people regard this film highly, with some even saying it's the pinnacle of Shinkai's work that Your Name can't match. There are however those who disagree, thinking it too short to properly develop the characters and plot, and overreliant on atmosphere and visuals and falling apart when scrutinised.
  • The Scrappy: Aizawa is utterly reviled by everyone who saw the movie due to her slander towards Yukino over a highly petty reason (Aizawa's boyfriend had a Precocious Crush on Yukino), thus getting poor Yukino unfairly fired from her job, and getting Takao beaten up when he dares to defend her. The fact that she doesn't get punished at all for her actions, nor does her wrongdoing get exposed, makes her all the more loathed. It's also worthy to note that adults who watched the movie utterly hate Aizawa the most. Namely, because Aizawa's actions not only got Yukino fired from her job but Aizawa's slander had the potential to utterly ruin Yukino's life. Remember, Yukino is a teacher: a student spreading rumors about her getting involved with a student can equal Yukino never being able to get a job in teaching again. And all of this was done over something so petty.