YMMV / The Amazing Spiez

  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: In the episode Sheena was introduced in, Marc has spent the entire episode trying and failing to get her to notice him, even going as far as using a WOOHP gadget to alter his appearance, which also fails. Towards the end of the episode, Marc decides he's going to try one more time and plans on using the gadget again. Megan (who had been encouraging the entire time and trying to convince Marc that he didn't need to change to get Sheena to like him) begrudgingly approves but insists that Marc let her set his appearance. He agrees and for the rest of the scene, Marc's face is obscured. After Sheena says yes, Marc goes back over to his sister and tells her that whatever look she gave him sure worked. Megan holds up a mirror...and reveals she just set his looks back to normal.
    Marc: No way...
    Megan: (affectionately) For a genius, you can be pretty dumb sometimes.
  • Les Yay: In "Operation Yeti Bear", Megan seems to be quite enamored with athletic prodigy Tara Prefontaine...
    Megan: Wow! That is one fantastic girl!