YMMV: The Amazing Spiez

  • Broken Base: The fans of Totally Spies! didn't seem to like the "younger" group of spies.
  • Headscratchers: In 2 of the Missing Episodes, someone (Trudi and Tami to be exact) are turned into spy-sassins by a gadget the Spiez had lying around that was issued by WOOHP...why would you have something like that and in Trudi's case, why would they bring it home with them?
    • In the episode that introduced Sherry, why in the world didn't Lee, Megan and Tony notice that Marc was acting brain-dead after his first session with her? Megan especially has no excuse given how close she and Marc are.
  • Meaningful Name: Technical example; Marc's name is spelled the same way as the MARC system for library online catalogues. Given his position as The Smart Guy, it's appropriate.
  • Missing Episode: Most of the second season and 3 early episodes have practically vanished and good luck finding them on the Internet.
  • Les Yay: In "Operation Yeti Bear", Megan seems to be quite enamored with athletic prodigy Tara Prefontaine...
    Megan: Wow! That is one fantastic girl!
  • Screwed by the Network: After about a month, Cartoon Network moved the show from the afternoon to an uncomfortable early-morning slot before pulling it off the air entirely. Not to mention certain episodes only aired once and only in Canada and now can't be found anywhere on the Internet outside of a sadly understated wiki article.