YMMV / The 6th Day

  • Base Breaker: The Strawman Has a Point and Protagonist-Centered Morality tropes should give an indication as to how contentious the position of the villain is. Some viewers believe human cloning could help millions whilst others believe it is one of those boundaries that should never be crossed. Just like real life.
  • Nightmare Fuel / Uncanny Valley: That animatronic doll... creepy.
    • It was made by the guys who did Tremors, so it's kind of expected. Though for the wrong reasons.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Drucker does do plenty of evil and vile things to try and protect his secret, but the fact remains that his cloning technology could be used to save many lives, and is already used in-story to clone organs for life-saving surgery, and to provide food after fish stocks have been depleted. His arguments on saving lives by conquering death and allowing eternal youth are not given any serious rebuttal, but are treated as wrong because he's the villain. Really, the only thing making him villainous is the fact that he wants to be the one holding the keys to the cloning facilities, but really this is no more evil than any head of any other corporation wanting to control their own business.