Headscratchers / The 6th Day

  • Must've missed a major plot point, but how did Clone Adam not have any congenital defects when the others did?
    • My guess is because he was just meant to be a seamless replacement rather than a clone they'd have to control and blackmail. He was never supposed to know he was a clone, after all.
    • That makes sense since they thought the original Adam was killed. I was just thrown off by Drucker telling him they made all clones defective, unless he made a mistake or was trying to lure him into a trap.
    • The latter, more likely; he was trying to bluff Clone Adam into believing there was something wrong with him and that he could "fix him" to buy some time. Too bad Clone Adam (and regular Adam for that matter) believes in the "we all have to die someday" philosophy.
  • How did Real Adam and Clone Adam plan out their entire rescue operation without ever discussing which one of them was the clone? You'd think they would have noticed that they both had the same shaving cut.
    • Considering that their family's lives were at stake, they may have simply concluded that it was easier not to waste time arguing about who was the clone at that point and focus on getting everyone out alive.
  • What exactly happened with the first human cloning experiment? What happened that was so horrible that it required the subject be mercy killed, and lead to the creation of the 6th Day laws? Aside from the whole inference of this being Nightmare Fuel territory nothing much was ever said.
  • Why did Adam not suspect himself of being the clone when his last memories would have been doing the eye test? From his perspective, he teleported from the eye test to wherever he woke up. That should make things very obvious once the possibility was brought up, fairly early in the movie.