Funny / The 6th Day

  • How about Hank's Holo-Hottie?
  • There's a scene where Adam breaks a clone's neck, and the police find the body at the same time as the bad guy's mooks. The latter are carrying him away, insisting "he's fine!" while his head lolls and his tongue flops out.
  • "When I told you to go screw yourself, I didn't mean for you to take it literally."
  • The way a lot of idioms start taking on a more literal meaning makes for some funny dialogue:
    Adam: "You read my mind!"
    Drucker: "Just the highlights."
  • Head Mook Marshall after he has his foot blown off by Adam. After screaming in pain as you'd expect, he furiously rants about how his new boots have been ruined.
  • The Sim Pal especially when Vincent is trying to keep her from crying.