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YMMV: Terry Toons
  • Archive Panic: Terry Toons made some of the most prolific output of all the Golden Age studios. To start, they made 489 sound theatrical cartoons, which doesn't seem so insurmountable on it's own—but then add all 673 of their made-for-tv cartoons, and that number balloons to something that puts even the Looney Tunes filmography to shame—1,162 shorts.
  • Growing the Beard: The cartoons greatly benefited from an animation and color upgrade from the late 30's and onward, as well as finding some new star series like Mighty Mouse, Gandy Goose and Sourpuss and Heckle and Jeckle and going in a more wacky, humorous direction than before. And then they got animator Jim Tyer on board, which combined with the talents of other animators like Connie Rasinski and Carlo Vinci turned the studio in a distinct name in the industry. Many animation fans agree that the cartoons also improved drastically after Gene Deitch took over the studio in the late fifties and changed everything (new design style, new characters, brought new artists, etc.), a few even critically acclaimed. Alas he was fired after 2 years and the studio reverted to its old ways, albeit with new characters.
  • Snark Bait: Terrytoons have gotten the reputation of being the Golden Age's whipping boy, and at their worst are proof that not everything from the Golden Age was golden. This is relentlessly lampshaded in the MST3K-esque commentaries of them on Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures, with the show often poking fun at the old cartoons used in the show. All of the old Terrytoons stars would even make cameos at least once in the show—yes, all of them.
    Scrappy (looking at an old film reel): "Why does Farmer Alfalfa always look so guilty?"

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