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YMMV: Super Robot Wars Destiny
  • Creepy Awesome: Perfectio's 2nd Original Generations incarnation is DEFINITELY this. Its finisher move is on par with those of Kaiser Ephes, Dark Brain, and Chaos Lemures in terms of sheer disturbingness factor!
  • Crowning Music of Awesome
    • Quite a few faithful reproductions of anime theme tunes. In addition, the heroes get their resolve restored whenever Basara Nekki and EVE sing a duet.
    • Instead of its theme, The Big O uses "Sure Promise", a just-as-awesome background track to battle scenes ("Big O!" does kick in, but only when using the "Sudden Impact" attack).
    • "Heats" from Getter Robo Armageddon is a fan favourite.
    • Godmars's opening and ending themes qualify as well.
    • "ROCK CAFE" fits the dude-on-a-bike that is the Garland perfectly.
    • The Final Boss theme, "DesPair" (formerly referred to as "King of Ruin"), definitely fits into this category, providing a fantastic concluding battle theme.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: There is a lot of fanart with Joshua Radcliff and Glacies.
  • Game Breaker: See here for details.
  • Goddamned Bats: No thanks to the Game-Breaking Bug, Ruina mooks become this, and they're even harder than the bosses.
  • Never Live It Down: Word of God has expressed the notion to remake this game to fix the perceived problems with it, especially since the orginal characters and the majority of the series represented in it have recently reappeared elsewhere.
  • Scrappy Mechanic
    • Aside from the problems with the Game-Breaking Bug, the Protodeviln's powers cause all attacks not coming from Fire Bomber members to only do half damage. Adding to that, Fire Bomber members burn through Song Energy very quickly, but there's no way to recover that aside from the standard 5 EN per turn (this is fixed in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, but with a different mechanic).
      • On the flip side, Destiny has the "reduce EN cost by X percent" optional parts, which work on the Sound Force. Judicious use of Armor Breakers and Support Attacks (but not the Direct Attack Spirit Command) will negate the Protodeviln effects.
    • Unlike most SRWs, if an attack is strong enough that it'll become a deathblow to an enemy, they are likely to defend it rather than take it head-on - provided that they have shields. Couple this with the fact that some bosses retreat at certain levels of health, and the ridiculously annoying Ruina, it's almost as if the Destiny AI is Dangerously Genre Savvy enough to know about the Game-Breaking Bug. Luckily, this only applies to the initial attack - they won't block if the supporting attack is what'll kill them.
  • That One Level: Scenario 23, where you have to fight several Adrasteas charging a city area and make sure they don't blow up, as per the Mobile Suit Victory Gundam storyline. What makes it worse is that the "Mercy" Spirit Command note  does not appear in Destiny AND unit weapon upgrades are linked (i.e. you can't upgrade them individually), so you're forced to carefully calculate the amount of damage you do to the Adreasteas so you don't get a game over. On the other hand, the Adrasteas will automatically defend any attack that would normally kill them, making it much easier to cripple them without destroying them. You also need to only bring the three with named pilots down to 20% health. As soon as you do, the entire group retreats regardless of any other factors to take into consideration. Depending on the line-up you're using, this scenario is either this or a Breather Level.
  • The Woobie: Not only does Cliana lose her parents in her back-story, her adoptive father proceeds to experiment the hell outta her, until she ended up with a Split Personality. She gets better, though.
    • 2nd OG removed the experimentations... but instead had Rim watch as her sweet personality, Chris, that she accepted as an extended family member, vanish forever. Not only that, she also loses Ventus in front of her. Also, the one that stays is the crafted personality, and Chris was gone because of trying to save Glacies and Ventus in the first place, an act that was fully endorsed by Liana, so Liana has to live with the fact that she killed Chris, the original personality. Sheesh, Bamco!

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