YMMV / Sunstone

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Was Ally really wrong to think that Lisa was attracted to Anne or possibly interested in a threesome? Lisa was writing a whole bunch of fantasy stories about a threesome between Allison, Lisbeth, and "Sarah", who was retconned to be Anne. Whatever Lisa's denials, those stories did reflect her fantasies. Then there was the fact that Cassie, something of a neutral witness, repeatedly notices that Lisa was "all over" Anne. There is nothing inherently contradictory about Lisa being in love with Ally and wanting a threesome with Anne; people in love do sometimes have threesome fantasies.
  • Animation Bump: Granted, it's obviously not animated, but there are some pinups that are far more realistic, rather than slightly stylized.
    • While not to the degree of the pinups mentioned above the comic's art got a general clean up for the graphic novel.
  • Anvilicious/Author Tract: Stjepan himself notes that he had to work over parts of the early strips for publication because everyone went on and on (and on) about the meaning and underpinnings of BDSM. This resulted from the disjointed writing process, since he generally worked on the webcomic one strip at a time between other jobs.
  • Awesome Art: The comic looks spectacular, but the realistic-style portraits take this Up to 11.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Cassandra, who stands out as the snarkiest snarker in a World of Snark.
  • Narm: Lisa's habit of dropping "Dear Reader" into the otherwise well written narration.
  • Rewatch Bonus: The author will occasionally revisit older strips and add new material, such as adding framing story details to the 'how we got here' Chapter One, and expand previous 'pin-up' teaser pictures into full strips giving context to the original art.