Heartwarming / Sunstone

  • "Aw mistress... is that an order?" "YES!" (SERIOUSLY NSFW)
  • This picture from Ally and Lisa's wedding.
  • The end of Chapter 2, which has Lisa giving Ally a much-needed hug after Ally's breakdown in the bathroom (see Tear Jerker).
  • Lisa accepting Ally's proposal to move in with her after much apprehension from both of them.
  • The end of Chapter 3, which cuts to five years into the future, where we see Ally and Lisa happily married.
    Ally: You're playing with fire, Mrs. Carter.
    Lisa: I love just about everything in that sentence. Every...single...word...
  • During the end of Chapter 4, Anne provides some much-needed comfort and even a laugh for Ally following the big blowup between her and Lisa at the Crimson. She's also the one who takes Ally to the hospital to have her wrist put into a cast, as well as taking her home.
  • In Chapter 5, when Ally discovers that Lisa has started writing new bondage erotica but had dropped the Lisbeth series because it was too personal, Ally posts a message letting Lisa know she was okay with Lisa continuing the Lisbeth arc. It's a moment that leaves both women realizing they were still thinking of each other. Better yet, it reinvigorates Lisa to write... and hints at how the two will repair their relationship...