YMMV / Suikoden I

  • Complete Monster: Neclord the vampire. There once existed a place called Blue Moon Village, which was inhabited by peaceful vampires whose thirst for blood was satiated by the presence of the Blue Moon Rune. Neclord, in his lust for power, allowed himself to be turned into a vampire, ingratiated himself into the village, then stole the rune from the villageís altar. This resulted in the vampires of the town being forced to choose between killing people to extend their lives, or perish themselves. Desiring more power still, Neclord joined forces with Windy and decimated places like the Village of the Hidden Rune to obtain more True Runes. He also, on a whim, attacked the village of North Window, killing and zombifying all its inhabitants to use as his undead army. He later did the same thing to the soldiers of Lorimar Fortress after Windy made him Lorimarís governor. As governor, Neclord demanded that his people sacrifice him one young girl a year to be his bride. Their screams from his castle could be heard by the villagers. After his defeat, Neclord returned to North Window
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Clive was so popular for a late-game guy with no plot relevance that the sequel gave him a vast optional (and easily missed) sub-plot to himself.
    • For someone who was offed very early in the game, Odessa Silverberg actually has a substantial amount of fanbase. There were some extra materials to show her exploits before she bit the dust as a result.
  • Game-Breaker: Has its own page.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Windy crosses this either with the genocide of the elves, or the destruction of the Village of the Hidden Rune.
  • Narm: Viktor says Pink Balloon during an otherwise serious scene.
  • Narm Charm: The dragons look like dragons, act like dragons, and fly like dragons. What do they sound like when they roar? Elephants.
  • Player Punch: Quite a few, but one in particular established the Player Punch trend for future Suikodens: Gremio's Heroic Sacrifice in one of the most surreal Death Traps ever conceived.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Unlike later games in the series, you are frequently forced to use particular party members besides the Player Character in this one, usually up to two or three at a time, even for The Very Definitely Final Dungeon. This limits party customization somewhat, and gives you very few chances to recruit one late Star, as you need four free party slots, and you only occasionally get them. Suikoden II went on to address this with its convoy system.
  • Tear Jerker: Gremio's death.
  • That One Boss:
    • The Zombie Dragon in Toran Castle. It has a massive amount of HP for how early you fight it, meaning it takes a long time to beat. Its attacks are also powerful, including one that hits the entire party at once. It also comes before you're able to customize your party, and while your magic options are still limited.
    • Another example is the first duel against Teo, using Pahn. If you haven't been using Pahn, (which you aren't been required to after the beginning of the game), he'll be both on his own and underleveled for the fight, making it nearly impossible.. While you're not required to win to continue with the game, if you lose, Pahn will die, which also locks you out of being able to get the Golden Ending. Also, the closest to the fight that you can save is before a scripted war battle, so you have to sit through that again if you want to retry the fight.