YMMV / Spider-Man: Noir

  • Complete Monster (from Eyes Without a Face):
    • Otto Octavius, a.k.a. Dr. Octopus, stands in stark contrast to his occasionally-noble 616 counterpart. Born a cripple in South Africa, Otto grew up jealous of the healthy, able-bodied Africans that he grew up around, which developed into a violent hatred for the black race in general. Wishing to gain the approval of Heinrich Himmler and the Nazi party, Otto has innocent black people kidnapped off the streets and performs horrifying, inhumane experiments on them. These experiments result in his victims, such as Peter's friend Robbie Robertson, being reduced to drooling, mindless vegetables that are meant to be used for slave labor. And Otto isn't above casual murder, as shown by him brutally stabbing his ally Crime Master to death when he tried to have Otto's victims burnt to cover their tracks, viewing his actions as wasting his research.
    • In the power vacuum left behind in the wake of Norman Osborn's death, the enigmatic, aforementioned Crime Master handily takes his place as New York's most fearsome criminal. Far crueler and more brutal than Norman was, Crime Master, real name Sammy, is introduced by having his hulking lackey Sandman kill a mobster who insulted him by crushing his head like a grape. A violent psychopath of the highest order, Crime Master is quick to make an example of people who cross him, such as cutting out the tongue of a stool pigeon who snitched on him and dumping his body on the streets, filling a movie theater with the corpses of his rivals, and torturing his girlfriend Felicia Hardy with a shard of glass for affiliating with Spider-Man. Crime Master also assists the aforementioned Otto Octavius in his heinous experiments by supplying him with innocent black victims he kidnaps off the streets, and when the feds start to close in on them, he heartlessly tries to have them all burnt alive and refers to them as "livestock".
  • Cry for the Devil: Even after all he's done, it's hard not to feel bad at the end when Heinrich Himmler denounces Otto for being a born cripple, and thus unfit for the Master Race.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Noir as a whole has a small but notable set of fans begging for a third story with him. As well, Noir was arguably the most popular character in Shattered Dimensions (As well because he was voiced by a lot of people's favorite Spider-man actor, Christopher Daniel Barnes) . He also appears in various other adaptations, including Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, Super Hero Squad Online, and Marvel: Avengers Alliance.
  • Fan Nickname: In order to distinct him with other Spider-Men, Spider-Man Noir is often simply called "Noir" by many fans.