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YMMV: Space Beasts
  • Complete Monster: Quite a few villains in Space Beasts seem to qualify but then you have to look at the big picture to see if they really qualify.
    • Duke Vortex: He seems like the first Complete Monster In Space Beasts, after all he rapes and both the his Humanimal slaves and his own soldiers, He demands any citizen who commits a crime pay with a child (If they have no children he forces them to breed) and he uses said child for blood sacrifice. He hurt any soldier who he suspects has sympathy for Humanimals he seems like the biggest monster in the series, but then you learn he is a robot and then you learn that Vortex was the creation of a bunch Nietzsche Wannabee Scientists who wanted to create a master race of machine men, because they deemed Humanity no longer deserved to live they created Vortex to be in their minds the perfect man one without empathy, emotions, the need to eat or sleep or any of those messy biological functions, they programmed Vortex to hate all organic life and to strive to rule the universe. (Unfortunately they didn't program Vortex to not kill his own creators so the instant he could move on his own he killed all the scientists) So you realize all everything Vortex did he was just blindly following his programming so you have to ask yourself, who was the real monster, the robot or the guys who created him?
    • Duchess Bimbolurlina: Most of the time Bimbo just seems like a Harmless Villain Someone who the Heroes can use as a punching bag between the more serious battles, but then she has her moments when she reminds everyone she can be a dangerous opponent, by far the most monstrous thing she does kidnap her own nephew, (The son of her cousin Edward Green, the Mink Girl Minsk) Why? Because the very thought of having a Humanimal in the family was more then she could stand. But at times she is not shown to be completely without feelings, like when Ichabod, posing as a prince, pretends to court her then steals valuable information and runs off with it laughing at Bimbo all the while, Bimbo cries with hurt and shame
    • Skeksis: Probobly the most monstrous villain in Space Beasts, he was willing to kill innocent Humanimals, drain them of their magical essence and stage a coup where he destroys the young king and queen and makes himself ruler of Ava using his nephew Falco as a patsy all the while, but was he always this way, the question of weather Skeksis was always evil or simply turned bitter after years of mockery for his deformities and corrupted by black magic, haunts Falco to this very day.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Falco is this, feared and hated because he was born with a deformed beak, Falco was never shown any love or affection until he met the Beautiful Dragon Girl Rose, unfortunately Falco knew he would have to keep his relationship with her a secret because the Ave's No Crossbreeding Allowed policy, unfortunately his Evil Uncle Skeksis did find out about it, it only got worse from there.
  • The Woobie: Arguably the Humanimal race in an entire race of woobies, since nearly every Humanimal we meet as either been born into slavery or made a slave, was captured from their home and almost made a slave before the federation rescued them. Or if they never were put in a life threatening situation, have felt Humanity's prejudice against them in some shape or form, Ichabod may not be a Humanimal, but he certainly is quite a woobie, born of convict parents he was feared and hated by most of his peers who threw rocks at him every chance they could get, also he is self conscious about his skinny body and for a time was convinced he was so ugly no girl could love him, Zander too is also a woobie, having lost his Mother at the tender age of six and losing his father when he was ten and forced to become a child solider when his planet was invaded by The Grays and on top of that his Promotion to Parent when he's Forced not only to look after himself but his little sister Gear... let's face it, probably every protagonist in this series qualifies as a woobie.

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