Awesome / Space Beasts

  • When Tiamat the five headed Dragoness stops Duke Vortex in his tracks by slamming into him! She does break her arm but she doesn't mind she even decides to wait it out rather then let The Medic Ichabod treat it so Ichabod can spend some time with his beloved Cat Girl Marzipan.
  • In the climax of the Phantom of Crystal Mountain arc, when Marzipan gives Falco an epic kiss on the beak, however this kiss is not the same as in the original The Phantom of the Opera Story it is spoofing, Falco does not ask for Marzipan's love, he asks for her magic with which to save his lover Rose the Dragon, Marzipan's kiss is not about accepting Falco's love, rather she is doing two things. First she is transferring some of her magic (Not all) to Falco via mouth to mouth. (In Space Beasts magic is like blood, you can give away some with no trouble, but if you give away all you die, Falco is demanding Marzipan give him all her magic,) Second Marzipan is performing the act of 'sharing memories through skin contact' along with her magic, Marzipan gives Falco a bombardment of the misery and sorrow she felt as a slave girl. This is what prompts Falco to set Marzipan and Ichabod free, Falco realizes both Marzipan and himself are very similar 'We are two souls tarnished by a cruel world' he says sorrowfully.
    • In the same scene Ichabod gets an awesome moment, similar to Raoul, when he pleads with Marzipan not to give Falco her magic to save him, what makes this more awesome, is Ichabod doesn't have a noose around his neck, he is suspended over a PIT OF FIRE! Fire is the one thing Ichabod is genuinely terrified of so it makes his bravery all the more awesome.