YMMV / Space

(NB: this is referring to the band.)

  • Big Name Fan: Pab UK and Eiteews, aka Paul and Donna, who run Spacetheband and are thanked in the liner notes of Suburban Rock 'N' Roll. There's also Billy Cook, who is responsible for making Love You More Than Football available to fans prior to YouTube.
    • Al Pacino, Mike Myers (who included "Female of the Species" in the Austin Powers soundtrack), Melanie C, and Spizz of Spizz Energi - who Tommy cites as a major influence on his music - are also fans of Space. Spizz even joined the band onstage at a gig in London 2017 for a cover of 'Where's Captain Kirk?'
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: 'Female Of The Species', 'Avenging Angels', 'Neighbourhood', 'Me And You Versus The World', 'Killswitch' and 'Blow Up Doll' are the songs guaranteed to get the crowd going.
    • Franny's performance of 'Fran In Japan' in the Tin Planet Live video also counts as this.
  • Ear Worm: any of the singles could qualify. In fact, Jamie even said, before Tin Planet came out, that they wanted it to be 'as catchy as Spiders, songs that'll stick in people's heads'.
    • Even some of the album tracks and B-sides as well!
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: every member of the 1998 Five-Man Band had their own fandom, not just Tommy. It helped that up until Jamie's departure, other band members got the spotlight: Jamie sang lead vocals on several songs, Franny had a solo spot, and during the Tin Planet era, Leon even got to do a drum solo. Yorkie also did a fair amount of interviews alongside Tommy.
    • In the second Five-Man Band, Ryan, Allan and Phil also have their fair share of fans.
  • Epic Riff: 'Female Of The Species', 'Avenging Angels', 'Begin Again' and 'The Ballad Of Tom Jones'. Franny apparently got goosebumps whenever he played the latter.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: 'Drop Dead' is about stalking celebrities. Guess what happened to Tommy when the band toured the US in 1997?
  • Funny Moments: at the Starshaped festival in 2017 in Manchester, as there were no projectors, Tommy sang "The Ballad of Tom Jones" with a sculpture he'd made of a green-skinned zombie woman playing the part of Cerys Matthews, with her recorded vocals playing in the background. At the end of the song:
    Franny: She's giving him a blow job later. I give him one every night. (...) What's the next song, you two-timing cunt?
  • Growing the Beard / Win Back the Crowd: Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab was well-received by Space fans and gained a whole lot of new, younger fans, some of whom were pleasantly surprised at Space's heavier direction.
    • The band have arguably been trying to shift into this as early as Music for Aliens, as a reaction to their fallout with Gut.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: the band did an interview in Christmas 1996 with a local radio station, Radio City, where they joked about the stresses of touring, being under pressure and getting ill. Two months later, Jamie had a nervous breakdown and temporarily left the band, and Tommy lost his voice on tour in America as a result of stress.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Tommy Scott often plays the role of a stalker, obsessive boyfriend or maniac in his songs, but offstage, he's very friendly and talkative, albeit somewhat of an introvert, and always takes time out after gigs to talk to fans. He also loves animals; one time, when the band were asked what the worst thing they did as kids was, and the others talked about crimes they'd committed, Tommy's answer was 'stealing birds' eggs'.
  • Memetic Mutation: the song 'Blow Up Doll', premiered on the 2016 Give Me Your Future tour, has seen fans bringing inflatable sex dolls to gigs. The dolls became the theme of the band's Christmas show that year, which marked same day that the 'Blow Up Doll' single was released.
  • Mondegreen: the lyrics on the Tin Planet CD inlay had a couple - 'push the man with the plan' instead of 'who's the man with the plan?' for 'The Man', and 'even the smallest of men' instead of 'even the suavest of men' for 'Unluckiest Man in the World'. The music book for the album thankfully corrected this.
  • Narm: Tommy had the following conversation with a Melody Maker journalist: "The new album's called Love You More Than Football...why are you laughing?" In fact, one of the main criticisms of Space was that they were too wacky and silly to be taken seriously, even when they tried to write serious songs, thanks to the constant namechecking of superheroes and villains, and some of the sound effects they used, such as fake brass.
    • 'Suburban Rock 'n' Roll' contains the line 'he buries me in soil / and it hurts like burning oil'.
    • Tin Planet and Love You More Than Football are entire albums of Narm.
    • "The Loneliest Robot". That is all.
  • Nightmare Fuel: 'I Am Unlike A Lifeform You've Ever Met' is creepy enough, but some of the tracks on Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab are worse. Check out the lyrics to the title track and 'Happy Clowns', for instance.
    • Listening to "Hell's Barbecue" for the first time is enough to give you the heebies-jeebies.
    • The Strange World video. Creepy dolls, a wall covered in scissors, Franny's face being covered in shadows and making him look like he has a Curse Seal, and weird birds' head masks. Yikes.
    • And then they took it one step further with the Dangerous Day video. HO-LEE SHIT.
  • Old Shame: Prior to its' release, Tommy cockily announced to the press that Tin Planet was 'the greatest pop album of the last 20 years', a quote he has since admitted as 'him disappearing up his own arse'. The band as a whole have no fond memories of recording (or at least trying to record) Love You More Than Football.
  • Painful Rhyme: 'There's No You'.
    You were so bright and oh so full of culture / And I preyed on you like a big old fat vulture...
    • 'Suburban Rock 'n' Roll'.
      Our war is never won / But our love is a loaded gun / He buries me in soil / And it hurts like burning oil / You're my running stream / And we're a winning team...
  • Signature Song: 'Female Of The Species'. 'Neighbourhood', 'Me & You Vs The World' and 'The Ballad Of Tom Jones' are runners up.
  • Stylistic Suck: A lot of their music videos fall into this, especially the ones for "Dark Clouds" and "Suburban Rock 'N' Roll".
  • Tear Jerker: 'Bad Days', from Tin Planet, about the band's lost loved ones. And not just for fans, either - Tommy cried when he was recording it.
    • From Suburban Rock 'n' Roll: 'Punk Rock Funeral', '20 Million Miles from Earth', 'Quiet Beach', and 'The Goodbye Song'.
    • From Attack Of The Mutant 50ft Kebab, 'Armageddon' and 'Guest List to Hell', though the latter also doubles as a moment of heartwarming.
    • From Give Me Your Future: 'The Loneliest Robot' is either this to some listeners or Narm, especially due to the addition of pitch-shifting which makes Tommy sound as if he's about to malfunction.
    • Tommy Scott isn't the only band member capable of writing a Tear Jerker; see 'Gravity', one of the highlights of Love You More Than Football, written and sung by Jamie of all people. "Supersonic Jetplane", written by Yorkie in tribute in his late mother, is also prone to causing waterworks.
    • For the band themselves, playing the Hillsborough Justice Concert in 1997. Jamie and Tommy both broke down in tears during the finale, where the bands all came onstage to sing 'You'll Never Walk Alone'.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: unlike Spiders and Tin Planet, Suburban Rock 'n' Roll was not well-received by critics despite being a fan favourite with those who heard it, and sold very poorly. It didn't help that much of the fandom had grown tired of waiting for a new album and had moved on.
  • Vindicated by History: Arguably the band themselves. In the years following their commercial heyday, Space were considered by many to be a joke group, and were only ever brought up in magazines (usually regarding the Britpop scene) just so they could make a point on how terrible they were. However, since their reunion, public reception has started to become a lot kinder, with leading hipster magazine Pitchfork ranking Spiders amongst their top 50 Britpop albums (even though the band never really associate themselves with the genre).