Trivia / Space

(NB: this is about the band.)

  • Creator Backlash: although it was released on an EP, the lead track of which was 'Bad Days', Space's then record company sent CDs of their cover of 'We Gotta Get Out Of This Place' to radio stations, and it ended up being the song that featured in a car advert, got played on the radio and on TV, and had a video made for it. The band were not pleased and felt that the record company had manipulated them. 'Dark Clouds' also incurred Creator Backlash, probably because it came out around the time Jamie was having a nervous breakdown and Tommy Scott had lost his voice, plus Tommy sees it as being 'too wacky'. Before they split up, they played a garage rock version of 'Dark Clouds' at a couple of their gigs, and have now revived the track with 'La Bamba' tagged on at the end.
    • Jamie has also admitted in post-Space interviews that he didn't like Tin Planet, while Tommy admitted he 'disappeared up his own arse' while making that album.
    • After Space's first break-up, Tommy went through a period of denying the band's existence entirely, and whilst in his Darker and Edgier group The Drellas would tell audience members where to stick it if they requested any Space songs. He got better about it when the Drellas were retooled as Tommy Scott & The Red Scare and started adding early songs like "Neighbourhood" to the setlist.
  • Creator Breakdown: the band suffered a communal one in 1997. Jamie went into rehab after having a nervous breakdown, and missed the first American tour, while Tommy lost his voice for two months due to stress. Franny Griffiths has also stated in interviews that the atmosphere among the band members was particularly strained during the tour of Asia in autumn of that year, and that Andy Parle in particular was miserable and desperate to go home.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Tommy on 'Avenging Angels'. He stated in interviews that he was singing it in the voice of Marlene Dietrich, particularly in the middle section.
  • Development Hell / Keep Circulating the Tapes: Love You More Than Football. Oh boy, Love You More Than Football. Originally scheduled for release in spring 1999, the release date was pushed back to autumn 1999, then to 2000. In early 2000, a single, 'Diary Of A Wimp', was released, and a tracklisting appeared on the band's website. 'Gravity', which had been premiered on the Bad Days tour in 1998, was a potential next single (and is featured on one of the Greatest Hits albums). However, the album itself ended up being shelved due to clashes between the band and the record company (see below). Fortunately, some fans managed to get bootlegs of the songs, and the tracks are all now available on Youtube as well.
    • Give Me Your Future. The album was originally announced (and due for release) in 2016, but it has since been delayed for over a year (apparently due to difficulties with releasing the vinyl) with no confirmed release date in sight, which has quite rightly angered a lot of pledgers who had purchased it. Space announced the release of a single in 2017, which changed from 'Boy Like Me' to 'Hold No Fear' and then to 'Dangerous Day' (a non-album track). Both 'Boy Like Me' and 'Dangerous Day' received airplay, and the latter was released as a digital download. The band eventually announced that the records had been dispatched from Poland and will be sent to pledgers in time for Christmas. A bunch of copies of the CD and vinyl were sold at the band's Christmas gig in 2017.
  • Executive Meddling: one of the many reasons why Love You More Than Football was never released and why the band eventually left Gut Records. Amongst other things, the record company disapproved of Edwyn Collins producing the album and tried to get other producers in, to the band's annoyance, as well as trying to pressure the band into making poppier music. In Tommy's words, Gut were trying to make Space 'more like the Beautiful South'.
    • A positive example is 'Female Of The Species'. It came about when the band were messing around during a drinking session - Tommy admits to being pissed while recording the vocals, hence why he sings 'more deadlier than the male' - but the record company liked it so much, it became a single.
  • Fan Nickname: Ginger Space for Jamie, as a Shout-Out to the Spice Girls.
    • 'Franchete' for Franny, due to his resemblance to Danny Trejo on the spring 2013 tour.
  • Missing Episode: Love You More Than Football (see Development Hell above). It's also the last album before the split with Jamie on it, and also the last album with lead vocals by other band members besides Tommy (or instrumentals), until Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab.
    • Flies, the fifth album that never was, which would have been released after Suburban Rock 'n' Roll. Though some songs off it, such as 'Rat Song' and 'Sex In The Street', were played at gigs in 2004, and a full track list was published on the band's website, no-one has been able to get their hands on a copy of it.
  • Name's the Same: This Space is NOT the French electronic group fronted by Didier Marouani, who had a hit in the 1970s' with "Magic Fly".
  • One of Us: Tommy collects sci-fi movie figurines and shops at Forbidden Planet. Franny, meanwhile, is an avid gamer - he once stated that the best present he'd ever received from a fan is a Sonic the Hedgehog game, and he's also into Call of Duty and Pro Evolution Soccer.
  • What Could Have Been: 'Female Of The Species', the song that made Space famous, almost ended up as a B-side. Besides Love You More Than Football, Space also had a set of unreleased tracks, some of which they premiered at gigs in 2004-2005, which were going to be released under the title of Flies after Suburban Rock 'n' Roll. Sadly, the band split before this could happen.
    • 'Avenging Angels' was originally going to be sung by Robbie Williams. Fortunately, Space decided to keep it to themselves.