YMMV: Soul Train

  • Broken Base: Regarding the eras. The Seventies are well liked while The Nineties and The Eighties are polarizing. Maybe or maybe not related to nostalgia, and the shift in musical trends and genres. Either way discuss at your own risk.
    • Also some hated the 90's, but not because they were the 90's, but because it never fully embraced the 90's. The 90's era never really fully embraced Hip Hop (neither did the 80's for that matter). It did marginally better with other urban genres like New Jack Swing. But over all the 90's was not a huge pop culture reference pool like the eighties, and seventies eras were. Essentially alienating the black MTV generation. Because of this people think this is what led to the show's down fall.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Several, but the best known is Cheryl Song aka "the Asian chick with the hair".
    • Another famous example would be the other Asian chick with the long hair who replaced her, Sally "From the Valley" Achenbach.
    • Also parodied was Cornelius' tendency to sway when MCing, lampshaded on MADtv once.
  • Never Live It Down: Although outlasting the genre by two decades, the show couldn't escape its connection to disco (particularly big bellbottoms and bigger Afros).
  • Older Than They Think: Cheryl Song had been a Soul Train Dancer since at least the late 1970s.
  • Replacement Scrappy: After Don Cornelius stepped away from hosting, every subsequent host was tolerated at best by the fandom.
  • The Scrappy: Any white male dancer in the Soul Train Line. Bro, give it up you can't dance.
    • White women tended to avoid this Trope, holding their own on the dance floor.
    • White singers were tolerated, but only a few of them (including Elton John, Michael McDonald and David Bowienote ) were deemed worthy.