YMMV / Silent Scope

  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Bone Eater was well-received when a cabinet of it appeared at MAGFest 2017, being one of a handful of games besides Rhythm Games to have a queue at all times. It would eventually become one of a small handful of Konami non-music games to be imported by Round 1's USA branches.
  • Memetic Mutation: Bone Eater's title has been subject to a number of jokes, from the Accidental Innuendo to being similar to the title of a certain big-name Konami game.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The Big Bad in the second game, Dark Silhouette, crosses it when he places launch devices of the missiles onto three hostages in the opera to guarantee that the missiles will launch and so that Falcon and Jackal won't be able to prevent it.
  • Porting Disaster: Arguable for the console ports. While they are solid from a technical standpoint, the versions on the Dreamcast, PS2 and GBA didn't even try to give you a sniper controller, or any form of light gun support at all for that matter, which took out a lot of the games' appeal. The Xbox version did have light gun support, and some editions even came bundled a sniper rifle accessory, but the scope didn't really work and it was very unwieldy and cheap-feeling.
  • That One Boss: Cobra, in the first two games. In the first game, he's either running with the president's daughter on his shoulder, or riding in an erratically-moving car while using her as a human shield, and ramming you with a semi truck after that. In the second game, he once again uses a human shield while on a moving vehicle, and he also throws alot of stuff, including hostages, at you.
    • Monica in the original. She wears armor, has 10 Hit Points (instead of 5 for previous bosses), hides a lot, taunts you repeatedly, and uses the President as a human shield.
    • The penultimate boss of EX, Phantom, drives a hover tank with an Invisibility Cloak, is hard to hit, and attacks by ramming.
    • Almost every boss in the console-only SS 3 is this, due to the lack of a light gun peripheral and the clumsy controls. It's rather telling that Cobra makes a return from the first two games as the first boss of the third.
      • Shaker, the boss of the casino stage, makes those aforementioned problems worse via use of his giant roulette wheel, which also has hostages and some of his goons riding it; Shaker becomes somewhat easier once you take out all the goons, as he himself doesn't attack at all. Still, it's hell to get a headshot on him. He does let out a rather amusing "Oh my god!" once you take him down, though.
  • That One Level: All three penultimate stages in EX are just horrendous no matter which one you pick. Take your pick between:
    • A Stealth-Based Mission where one missed shot or instance of taking too long results in mission failure.
    • A hang-gliding stage where you have to snipe enemies in a moving hang glider. It will end in failure if you don't clear the landing platform of enemies.
    • An underwater stage that is not only on a time limit, but this being underwater, your shots move much more slowly and are easily affected by currents that are not always obvious to see.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Not everyone is pleased with Bone-Eater taking the anime approach with its character designs.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: In addition to having very slick graphics, Bone-Eater has two screens, one layered on top of another, creating a unique three-dimensional effect.