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YMMV: Silent Scope
  • Porting Disaster: Arguable for the console ports. The versions on the Dreamcast, PS2 and GBA didn't even try to give you a sniper controller, which took out a lot of the games' appeal. The Xbox version did try to make a sniper rifle accessory, but the scope didn't really work and it was very unwieldy and cheap-feeling.
  • That One Boss: Cobra, in the first two games. In the first game, he's either running with the president's daughter on his shoulder, or riding in an erratically-moving car while using her as a human shield, and ramming you with a semi truck after that. In the second game, he once again uses a human shield while on a moving vehicle, and he also throws alot of stuff, including hostages, at you.
    • Monica in the original. She wears armor, has 10 Hit Points (instead of 5 for previous bosses), hides a lot, taunts you repeatedly, and uses the President as a human shield.
    • The penultimate boss of EX, Phantom, drives a hover tank with an Invisibility Cloak, is hard to hit, and attacks by ramming.
    • Almost every boss in the console-only SS 3 is this, due to the lack of a light gun peripheral and the clumsy controls.
  • That One Level: All three penultimate stages in EX are just horrendous no matter which one you pick. Take your pick between:
    • A Stealth-Based Mission where one missed shot or instance of taking too long results in mission failure.
    • A hang-gliding stage where you have to snipe enemies in a moving hang glider. It will end in failure if you don't clear the landing platform of enemies.
    • An underwater stage that is not only on a time limit, but this being underwater, your shots move much more slowly and are easily affected by currents that are not always obvious to see.

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