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YMMV: Shinzo
  • Alas, Poor Scrappy - Yakumo. Her death was incredibly touching and well-done.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Daku, Ryuma especially after Gyasa a lesser Mook lasted much longer than he did and Rusepine, as well as the rest of the Enterran Generals that only showed up as cards
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: In spite of being in only three episodes, Gyasa is by far the most memorable of the villains in series, being one of the few Enterran villains to put up a good fight till the end
  • Ear Worm - Battle Play, the original Japanese OP, the English theme, and the Japanese BGM.
  • Evil Is Sexy: The Winged Humanoid Queen Rusephine and evil General Mushrambo in particular are very physically beautiful. At least until they transform themselves into monsters, and the outside starts to reflect the inside.
  • God-Mode Sue - Mushra is the reincarnation of an actual galaxial god, and guess what form he returns to at the end of the series? It's even called God Mushra in the original version.
  • Mary Sue: Mushrambo, he's extremely broken in his first appearance, with further alterations making him even more overpowered and finally made into the Big Bad of the first part of the series.
  • Narm - When becoming Mushrambo for the first time, Mushra absorbs his friends' cards... through his chest. It almost killed the Moment Of Awesome.
  • Purity Sue - Not so much in the original, but the dub will go on and on about how Yakumo's so loving and the embodiment of love and how her love will illuminate the world, blablabla. We know she's great, people, but *please*...
  • Squick - The Saban dub, particularly towards the end, likes to imply that Yakumo and Mushrambo are destined lovers. Mushrambo is either three people at once : a kid, a teen and a fat anthropomorphic cat merged together, or the guy who wiped out the human race and tried to kill her. She also has the sexual and romantic experience of a six year old.
  • The Scrappy - Poor Yakumo seems rather hated by those who met her through the English dub. Also Binka sometimes as well.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: The Seven Enterran Generals, only four were ever shown in major details in the series, while the rest were turned into cards
    • The Enterrans in general, several of the different mini arcs were very rushed, making the possibilities of animal Enterrans very limited.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The story seems to be rushed, especially during the Bird type Enterran and Kardians arcs, several would be important characters are unceremoniously killed and several element seem to be Ass Pull types especially Mushra's true nature as a Celestial Guardian without any hint of it previously.

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