Funny / Shinzo

  • The episode "Day at the Park" had Yakumo, and the others (minus Mushra) invited to a festival, while Mushra gets little revenge for being sent away by Yakumo. Mostly it amounts to him helping some other enterrans (who are frightened of humans) set up some "booby-traps". Then he sits back and watches as Yakumo and the others have to deal with the now (relatively) harmless traps.
  • The three kittens Sanju, Rei, and Sen are not only cute, they're good Plucky Comic Relief during season two. All the while manageing to avoid the Scrappy department.
  • Mushrambo of all people gets a really good dig in on Gyasa in "Mushrambo: The Ultimate Samurai".
  • Mushra and Binka's first meeting. Hilarity Ensues.