YMMV / Sherlock S 02 E 03 The Reichenbach Fall

  • Complete Monster: Jim Moriarty threatens the family members of a jury to get himself declared innocent, kidnaps and poisons two children, murders his accomplice, frames Sherlock for both these and other crimes Sherlock has solved, then tries to force Sherlock to commit suicide under threat of having his loved ones assassinated. When Sherlock plans to force Moriarty to call off the killers, Moriarty merrily eats his gun to "win" his game with Sherlock.
  • Idiot Plot: Moriarty's plot to completely discredit Sherlock is based on two things: Sherlock acting suspicious, and everyone in Scotland Yard conveniently forgetting about massive piles of evidence proving Sherlock couldn't have committed any of the crimes he's been framed for. Somewhat Justified in that Moriarty probably had about ten different plans for Sherlock's downfall (Richard Brook alone could've anchored an entire downfall plot), and the Idiot Plot was the one that happened to work best.
    • Richard Brook doesn't make any sense either. There are three possibilities for that identity:
      • He was real the whole time. Moriarty spent years being an actor just in case this kind of situation would happen to arise, which is problematic enough on its own. But if that's true, and Richard Brook is a pre-existing personality, why does no one recognize him and say "Hey, that's Richard Brook from that show!" during Moriarty's highly-publicized trial?
      • He was made up just for this plan. This plan could be defeated by ten seconds on YouTube, when someone does a search for "the storyteller" and finds absolutely fuck-all and subsequently realizes that something isn't right here.
      • He was made up just for this plan but Moriarty magically concocted a ridiculously elaborate set of fake shows, DVDs, etc. to fool people who looked into Richard Brook. Okay, fine. But then you run into the above, why does no one recognize him, and a subsequent problem, which is that no one will remember ever having seen Richard Brook's shows, and since he's an award-winning actor and all, that should seem kind of funny to the investigators.
    • It is pointed out in the next episode that an investigation proved Brook was fake and that Sherlock was framed.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Jim Moriarty. He well-and-truly earned his stripes.
  • Signature Scene: Sherlock's death.