YMMV / Saint Young Men

  • Alternate Character Interpretation - Minor one that's Played for Laughs. All of Jesus water based miracles? They happened because he's afraid of water.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Although the series' depiction of Jesus may be considered by some Christians and Muslims as blasphemous, most Christians find it hilariously accurate, as the core concept of Christian faith states that Jesus incarnated himself as a human in order to feel human pain and weakness, as a preparation for his great sacrifice.
  • Ho Yay: On one occasion, the pair are walking through the city when a girl, giving out pamphlets in the street, asks Buddha if he's a Christian. He then remarks to Jesus (at least in the French translation), "I believe in you/I have faith in you, does that count?" This makes Jesus blush. A lot. He replies something along the lines of "Don't say that in public, what will people think?" Possibly a Call-Back to the time Jesus prays to Buddha at the shrine for New Year's (and Buddha prays to himself, which basically works like a cosmic fridge note), but as per Rule of Funny it's basically treated like an excessive public display of affection.