Funny / Saint Young Men

  • The very first scene of the series. Jesus is browsing magazines when a couple of high school girls think that he looks like Johnny Depp. Jesus is almost jumping in joy at the fact he looks like someone famous. Buddha, when being told this, has a look on his face that says "You're Jesus. I'm not as famous as you."
  • Jesus and Buddha go on a rollercoaster. Buddha, who wasn't expecting anything scary, goes into a Color Failure as they approach the hill and begins chanting sutras, which freaks out the rest of the passengers (including Jesus). When their picture is snapped on the descent, Buddha is the only one with a straight face - in fact, he's actually doing the "fear not" pose. A crowd of admirers note that he must be an extreme coaster fan.
    • It seems that Buddha actually reached Buddhahood AGAIN, just to get over the fear of riding Splash Mountain, while on Splash Mountain.
  • Jesus and Buddha go to a sauna. Jesus strikes up a chat with a man who he thinks is quite holy due to his elaborate Buddha tattoo, but is actually a member of the Yakuza. The man sees Jesus's stigmata marks and asks where he got them, to which Jesus replies that he was crucified by the authorities; the man takes this to mean that Jesus was in jail, and asks when he got out, to which Jesus responds "three days later"; and when demanding that he share the secret of his escape, Jesus tells him that it was only "the will of my Father". The end-result is that Jesus ends up with an entire following of Yakuza members who believe that he's the untouchable son of a powerful crime boss, which is even funnier when you consider the fact that Jesus was said to have been crucified alongside a criminal.
  • Jesus having to get Buddha to think impure thoughts.
  • Buddha winning a statue..... Of Buddha.
    Buddha: I should have forbidden graven images.
  • Jesus is so excited about Christmas that he forgets it's also his birthday.