YMMV / Rock Raiders

The PC Game Provided Examples of:

  • Adaptation Displacement: The theme probably wouldn't even have a fan base if it weren't for the game.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The music that plays during the introduction cutscene. Sadly, currently there isn't a SFX-free version of this song available.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: There's a very dramatic sequence in one of the pre-mission cutscenes where a Rock Monster emerges from a wall and marches menacingly towards the Rock Raiders' Chrome Crusher. The Rock Raiders flee before it, but Docs is unable to escape, and cowers in fear as the Rock Monster looms over him. The Rock Monster ignores Docs entirely, takes a single Energy Crystal from the Chrome Crusher, and walks away while cradling the crystal in its arms like a baby.
  • Cult Classic: The Rock Raiders toy line and PC game may not be particularly well-known, but it has a strongly devoted fanbase. The modding possibilities for the PC game has only increased the appeal, as an entire online community has been built around mods for the game.
  • Demonic Spiders: Slimy Slugs take inordinate amount of shots from the Laser Gun to kill, and will only be warded away by the recommended weapon, the Sonic Blaster (of course, this doesn't really work and you have to resort to Pusher Beams). They also have an energy-draining attack that makes energy crystals useless.
  • Disappointing Last Level: The last level, Rocky Horror, was rather disappointing. There were few monsters, a pre-built base with a recharge seam, and a massive crystal cache at the top of the cave Even worse, Chief said that "There are Rock Monsters all over the place!".
  • Game Breaker: The Chrome Crusher. For that matter, The Tunnel Scout to all water vehicles. When edited in, the Tunnel Transport even more. In fact, many vehicles are useless.
    • The handheld Laser Beams pretty much nullify the threat of Rock Monsters and Ice Monsters.
  • Goddamn Bats: The bats and the spiders, which do nothing except scare or trip the Rock Raiders, slowing them down or permanently cancelling their orders.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Rock Raiders can walk diagonally between squares even as long as the destination is walkable terrain, which allows Solid Rock and sea corners to be traversed. However, the pathing engine will also make the Rock Raiders walk on lava if an acute angle is walkable. Additionally, if a rock raider is interrupted when carrying an electrified fence to place it on a square, and he is interrupted (such as by the Spiders) he will drop it, and an electrified fence can never be built in that square anymore, and often the fence will never be picked up. As when extra ore is placed on a building and not picked up until your air supply is gone.
  • Memetic Mutation: "A landslide has occured!"
  • Most Annoying Sound: "Your Air Supply is running out!" "Slimy Slug is invading your base!"
  • Most Wonderful Sound: "An Energy Crystal has been found!", especially in a level like Lake of Fire where every Energy Crystal counts.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The menu music in the PC game. It certainly fits the mood for being trapped in a faraway alien planet in a hostile underground environment, that's for sure.
  • No Problem with Licensed Games: The game has been very well received and still holds up today as a classic, despite being a tie-in lego game
  • Periphery Demographic: Well, the game was made for people "8-99", but it was still targeted at younger people. And gained many adult fans. Hardcore fans.
  • Scrappy Weapon: Pusher beams. Why waste time shoving the monster around when you can one-shot it with a laser beam (if rock or ice), or give it Five Rounds Rapid from a freezer beam (if lava)?
  • That One Level: Back to Basics is an evil pit of Slimy Slugs. Not only that, but your air supply runs out unnaturally fast (which makes sense, since you are so far underground) which means having a support station is absolutely paramount. If the Slimy Slugs get to it (and at some point, their bound to) and drain all of its energy, you have perhaps 2 minutes max to get power back to it, or its game over. Speaking of power, actually finding energy crystals is very difficult, as the level is designed so that energy crystals are significantly more difficult to find, meaning you have to spread your resources thin to find them, which leaves your base relatively lacking in manpower to defend it. And you'll need that power to fend off rock monsters that frequently attack it as well. Unfortunately, Back to Basics must be won to unlock the final mission.
    • Don't Panic. First you spend several minutes running from lava monsters and a lava river, then you spend what little Oxygen you have left either collecting Energy Crystals or quickly building a base, and then collecting Energy Crystals. There is a secret path you can drill through which will take you directly to the area with the Energy Crystals, if you can find it.
    • Lava Laughter has the amazing ability to send Rock Raiders right into the lava lake.
    • Lake of Fire. In most levels where erosion is a hazard, you are given enough cavern space that, as long as you maintain a strong Power Path dam to block the lava lake, you should not have to worry too much. In Lake of Fire, most of the cavern is filled with lava, with only very thin land bridges leading from one rock formation to another. If you spend too much time building Power Paths, the land bridges in deeper parts of the cavern will have eroded away by the time you get there, and before you know it, the precious Energy Crystals contained within those rock formations are Lost Forever, making the level Unwinnable by Mistake. On the other hand, if you don't build any Power Paths, the land bridges closer to your base will erode away much faster, and the land bridges far from your base are going to erode away anyway. And did I mention that the whole level leaves you Almost Out of Oxygen, making a Support Station a necessary priority on top of everything else?
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Most of the vehicles are considered useless by the average Rock Raider player, but special mention goes to the Hover Scout, which cannot travel over water or lava, cannot carry cargo, and cannot drill rock. All it does is make a Rock Raider travel faster over land, but the inability to drill or carry cargo makes it easily outshined by the Small Digger and Small Transport Truck, respectively.
  • Ugly Cute: As long as they are not invading your base, the Slimy Slugs are actually kind of cute, especially in the cutscenes. The way one Slimy Slug smiles and wags its tail when Axle is waving an Energy Crystal, and the way another Slimy Slug sadly shakes its head after watching Axle and Docs drive into the abyss... it's just too cute!

The PlayStation Game Provided Examples of (Tropes from the PC Game are not mentioned unless different):